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WHO recruiting Framework Convention on Tabacco Control Project Officer

Geneva, Switzerland, 24 March 2017


The WHO Framework Convention on Tabacco Control (FCTC) is the world's only health treaty. The Convention Secretariat is a global authority concerning the implementation of the WHO FCTC, and its main functions are to:

  • support Parties in fulfilling their obligations under the Convention its protocols and guidelines;

  • provide the necessary support to the Conference of the Parties (COP), the governing body of the WHO FCTC;

  • translate the decisions of the COP into programme activities.

The Convention Secretariat is an entity hosted by the World Health Organization in Geneva and cooperates with relevant departments of WHO and other competent international organizations and bodies, and non-governmental organizations accredited as observers to the Conference of the Parties.The FCTC 2030 project is a five-year official development assistance funded project to support low- and middle-income countries to accelerate the implementation of the WHO FCTC. The project is being delivered by the Convention Secretariat with official development assistance (ODA) funding. The focus of the FCTC 2030 project is on supporting WHO FCTC Parties that are low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to tobacco control (particularly SDG 3.a) through the implementation of WHO FCTC time bound treaty obligations, strengthening taxes and improving tobacco control governance in line with Article 5 of the treaty.


  • Provide technical input to WHO FCTC Parties to support treaty implementation under the FCTC 2030 project and other mechanisms of support, as appropriate.

  • Support the delivery of decisions made by the WHO FCTC Conference of the Parties relating to sustainable measures of treaty implementation.

  • Undertake operational activities to promote WHO FCTC implementation as a means of accelerating development and the achievement of the SDGs, in particular SDG3.a.

  • Conduct project management for the FCTC 2030 project, to include assisting with the preparation of annual budgets and work plans,manage procurement, and monitoring of performance measures to assure delivery of the project.

  • Undertake monitoring and evaluation of the FCTC 2030 project, including preparing technical progress reports as required by the donor and other internal reports.

  • Prepare publications relevant to the implementation of the WHO FCTC and development and the FCTC 2030 project

  • Undertaking communications to promote the WHO FCTC and FCTC 2030 project

  • Management responsibility for the FCTC 2030 project team assistant. Any other activity requested by the HoSAchievement Activities Include: Contribute to developing work plans, evaluate technical progress, prepare project materials & reports,liaise with colleagues from Convention Secretariat, wider UN organizations and WHO FCTC Parties on project priorities and activities, and guide efficacy, achievement of value for money and timeliness of delivery of the FCTC 2030 project.

Contract duration: 6 months

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