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UNDP recruiting Innovations and Impact Consultant

Geneva, Switzerland, 24 April 2018


The World Humanitarian Summit was organized in May 2016 to address the scale of human suffering greater than at any time since the Second World War. The Summit generated more than 3,000 commitments to action and launched more than a dozen new partnerships and initiatives to turn the Agenda for Humanity into meaningful change for the world's most vulnerable people.

Leading up to the Summit, consultations with more than 900 companies called for more strategic private sector engagement across disaster risk reduction, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. They also called for networks and a mechanism to be created to facilitate coordinated private sector engagement. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a number of partners launched the Connecting Business initiative (CBi) as a response to this demand. CBi is a multi-stakeholder initiative that provides a mechanism for the private sector to engage with the United Nations system, national governments and civil society in a coordinated manner across all stages of disaster management.

CBi is supported by OCHA's System-wide Approaches and Practices Section (SWAPS) in Geneva and UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD). These units collaborate with multiple other global units, as well as regional and country offices of OCHA and UNDP, as well as with many other private sector organizations, UN Agencies, NGOs and governments.

The Connecting Business Initiative (CBi) Local Networks, Innovations and Impact Consultant will be based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Consultant will report to the OCHA CBi Program Manager in Geneva and UNDP Global Program Advisor Private Sector in Istanbul. The Consultant will support CBi secretariat in strengthening CBi Member Networks, developing new work streams on innovations and impact measurement, liaising with key partners and supporting events and strategic work areas of the initiative. The activities will be carried out in collaboration with CBi Member Networks, Executive Committee Members, OCHA and UNDP colleagues and other partners.

Duties and Responsibilities

Many of the activities in this consultancy are ongoing as part of CBi's annual work plan. To this end, the consultant shall prepare a monthly progress report that will detail all milestones reached, including but not limited the support provided to CBi Member Networks, discussions with prospective new Member Networks, number of events organized, products on the pipeline, assignment travel, and tools developed. The CBi Program Manager and UNDP Global Program Advisor Private Sector shall review and accept these reports, and the UNDP Program Advisor Private Sector will certify them for payment.

The following areas are considered to be within the scope of this consultancy:

  • Supporting CBi Secretariat in relation to the CBi Member Networks (time allocated for this estimated 40% of the consultancy time)

  • Leading the development of two new work streams on innovation and impact measurement (time allocated for this estimated 20% of the consultancy time)

  • Supporting the CBi Secretariat in strategic partnerships (time allocated for this estimated 15% of the consultancy time)

  • Supporting strategic events organization (time allocated for this estimated 15% of the consultancy time)

  • Supporting CBi communications strategy implementation (time allocated for this estimated 10% of the consultancy time)

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