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Multiple Framework Contracts for Translation Services

Luxembourg, 24 October 2018


The translation Centre for the bodies of the European Union is planning to conclude multiple framework contracts for translation services regarding texts in the legal field from English into:— Bulgarian,— Czech,— Danish,— Greek,— Estonian,— Finnish,— Irish,— Croatian,— Hungarian,— Italian,— Lithuanian,— Latvian,— Maltese,— Dutch,— Polish,— Portuguese,— Romanian,— Slovak,— Slovenian and— Swedish.These texts are relating to the work of the various bodies and institutions of the European Union for which the Translation Centre provides translation and other language services.

Description of the services to be provided

The services to be provided mainly consist of translations, but may include the revision of texts already translated as well as modifications to be translated, revised and added to existing documents. The source texts will be written in English.

The texts in question consist of either legal documents of ongoing proceedings, decisions of various legal bodies, legal opinions or other legal documents. These legal texts deal with Union law (like litigation in the field of intellectual property of the European Union and, occasionally, with national law). Texts vary in length and the urgency with which they are required also varies. The majority of the texts are destined for publication.

The service to be provided is complex: while the texts in question are essentially legal texts – and therefore require use of the appropriate legal terminology and register - they also frequently discuss issues of highly technical and/or linguistic style that requires great attention to detail. In view of this, translation of these texts requires a high level of general linguistic competence in addition to familiarity with the specialist terminology.

To ensure consistency within and between texts, the contractors may be required to work on texts which have been previously processed by the Translation Centre using translation memory software. In this case, specific instructions to this effect will be included on the order form for individual assignments.

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