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UNDP hiring Programme Specialist for Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention

New York, United States of America, 25 March 2015


The Joint UNDP-DPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention supports national initiatives that contribute to the prevention and transformation of conflicts. The Joint Programme seeks to:

  • Develop strategic conflict prevention initiatives at the country level, including through the deployment of Peace and Development Advisors (PDAs);

  • Provide targeted assistance for specific facilitation activities jointly undertaken in nonmission settings;

  • Support joint assessment, analysis, and “knowledge development” by the United Nations Department of Political Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme, in the context of support for joint country level initiatives;

  • Provide short-term support for conflict and/or political analysis through deployment of advisors in priority/crisis countries;

  • Develop and support the application of new skills, capacities, and tools amongst the PDA cadre and other conflict prevention specialists, including through training, knowledge management, and continued engagement with Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams in complex political situations.

Overseen and guided by a Steering Committee co-chaired by DPA and UNDP/BPPS, the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme is supported by a Technical Committee comprised of working level representatives of DPA, and UNDP. The Joint UNDP/DPA Programme is seeking to recruit a Programme Specialist to coordinate the partnership through the provision of analytical and secretariat support and day-to-day management of the Programme. The position is to be hosted by UNDP/BPPS.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the guidance of the Technical Committee, the Programme Specialist will coordinate the partnership through the provision of analytical and secretariat support while ensuring the effective day-to-day management of the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme. While under the direct supervision of the Team Leader, Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding, the Programme Specialist will liaise closely with UNDP and DPA Co-Chairs of the Technical Committee, to undertake the following key functions:

  • Assist relevant DPA and UNDP staff and focal points with the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of, and reporting on, the support provided through the Joint  Programme, including staff located in UNDP Regional Hubs;

  • Oversee and develop advocacy and communication materials pertaining to the Joint Programme, coordinating and developing lessons learned, good practice papers, and  other working papers pertaining to the work of PDAs and the support provided through the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme, more broadly;

  • Support day-to-day financial management of Joint Programme, and provide programmatic support to relevant country focal points in the Conflict Prevention Group as  appropriate;

  • Coordinate and support engagement with current and prospective donors and other partners;

  • Support information-sharing and exchange between HQ, UNDP Regional Hubs, and country level, and within and between UNDP and DPA, including support to the PDA  community of practice.

Programme Management, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting:

  • Support the implementation of governance structures of the Joint Programme concerning requests for support and PDA reporting;

  • Analyze and synthesize PDA reports and identify common trends, opportunities, and challenges experienced by PDAs with a view to informing appropriate HQ support;

  • Coordinate the Joint Programme’s responses emanating from Global and Regional PDA Retreats and training activities, meetings of Resident Coordinators, and other relevant fora;

  • Work closely with UNDP and DPA counterparts to develop and provide training support to PDAs Identify, recommend and develop creative solutions to enhance the efficiency of the Joint Programme;

  • Engage closely with UNDP/BPPS, UNDP Regional Hubs, and DPA Regional and Thematic Divisions to ensure coherence and coordination when engaging with Resident Coordinators, UN Country Teams, PDAs, and other stakeholders on issues pertaining to the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme.

Produce advocacy and communication materials pertaining to the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme:

  • Coordinate the development of the Joint UND/DPA Programme’s Annual Report, providing an overview of activities conducted and reflecting on the impact of support    provided;

  • Draft advocacy and best practice materials working closely with PDAs, as well as relevant DPA and UNDP colleagues;

  • Document and catalogue good practices emanating from Joint UNDP/DPA Programme support, and work with UN agencies and external partners on developing and disseminating other materials pertaining to the work of PDAs and support provided through the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme, as appropriate.

Support day-to-day programmatic and financial management of Joint Programme:

  • Support the day-to-day financial management of the Joint Programme, and facilitate the provision of all information relevant to support effective decision-making amongst Technical Committee members, and of UNDP/BPPS’s Conflict Prevention and  Peacebuilding Team;

  • Track the activities of the Joint Programme for purposes of collating and documenting successes and lessons learned;

  • Provide secretariat support, including the drafting of the agenda, provision of relevant background materials, and preparation of the minutes of the meetings, to the Technical Committee and the Steering Committee.

Coordinate and support engagement with current and prospective donors and other partners:

  • Coordinate proposals, reports, and correspondence with donors on behalf of the Joint UNDP/DPA Programme;

  • Coordinate and support engagement with UN partners, including the Peacebuilding support Office and United Nations Volunteers, to ensure coherent and complementary support to country-level;

  • Engage with non-UN partners to identify and strengthen support to PDAs and to identify other areas of possible collaboration.

Support information-sharing, exchange and collaboration:

  • Coordinate closely with UNDP/BPPS Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Team and other UNDP/BPPS Technical Teams, as relevant, to ensure effective reporting on activities implemented under the Joint Programme and appropriate exchange of information;

  • Support members of the Technical Committee to ensure coordination among UNDP Regional Bureaux and DPA Regional Divisions, as appropriate, to exchange information, ensure coherence of support, and to develop public information  materials on the joint programme;

  • Support PDA learning, peer exchanges, and communities of practice for PDAs;

  • Lead coordination and planning of bi-annual Global PDA Retreats, the ‘Montreux’ process of bi-annual retreats for Resident Coordinators and other senior UN officials, PDA orientation and induction training, and other training and community of practice events, as required.

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