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EU-Wide Monthly Business Survey in the Financial Services Sector

Brussels, Belgium, 25 April 2018


The ‘EU-wide monthly business survey in the financial services sector’ is part of the Joint Harmonised European Union Programme of Business and Consumer Surveys (BCS). The BCS programme was set up based on the Commission's institutional prerogatives and constitutes an important source for decision making of EU economic policy makers.

The programme was initiated by a Commission decision in November 1961 and was modified through subsequent Council and Commission decisions. It was last approved through Commission decision C(97) 2241 of 15 July 1997 and presented in Commission communication COM(2006) 379 of 12 July 2006.

The Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs provides high-level analysis and policy advice to the Commission and its services on international economic and financial questions. Within the Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, several units have specific needs for macroeconomic information related to their particular geographical coverage.


The programme is designed to gather information on the state of the economies in the EU Member States, in order to be able to compare their business cycles for EMU (Economic and Monetary Union) management purposes. It has become an indispensable tool in the EMU economic surveillance process, as well as for general economic policy purposes.

Given the importance of the financial services sector for the development of the overall economy, the Commission contracted a pilot survey in the financial services sector on an EU-wide scale for a period of one year (ending in March 2007). After a positive assessment of the first results, the Commission decided to continue the survey. Currently, a new call for tender is being launched for another period of maximum four years (April 2019 – March 2023).

The survey has to be carried out on a monthly basis and the Commission intends to publish the survey results within its regular publication programme of business and consumer survey data.

Apart from the transmission of the monthly survey results, evaluation reports will be required on a regular basis.

Tasks to be performed by the contractor and monitoring by the Commission

The contractor will perform the requested tasks working in close cooperation with the relevant Commission department, DG ECFIN’s unit ‘Economic situation, forecasts, business and consumer surveys’.

Without being exhaustive, the tasks to be performed by the contractor are as follows:

  • to set-up the necessary infrastructure for conducting the survey;

  • to attend the kick-off meeting in Brussels;

  • to conduct the survey;

  • to deliver the statistical data in accordance with these specifications in a timely manner;

  • to report in a timely manner;

  • to implement any agreed adjustment to the survey.

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