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Framework Contract for Provision of Interpretation Services

Warsaw, Poland, 25 June 2019

Background information

European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) with its seat in Warsaw at Europejski Square coordinates the cooperation between the Member States allowing key border and coast management institutions to share experiences, knowledge and best practices in the field of border control.

Important element of Frontex activity are meetings and events attended by high level officials from the EU Member States and other countries representatives cooperating with Frontex.

Therefore Frontex seeks to conclude a contract for provision of interpretatation services regularly, in principle during Frontex Management Board (MB) meetings and other meetings involving participation of high-level visitors using other language than English (Agency’s working language). Meetings and events are mainly organised at Frontex premises as well as outside of Frontex Headquarters, in Warsaw and in other locations.

Scope of contract

The subject of this framework contract is:

  • Provision of professional services in the field of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation during various meetings and conferences organized by Frontex in Warsaw or its close vicinity. It will mainly concern Frontex Management Board meetings (high-level) held in Warsaw, however, Frontex may request interpretation services for other events in Warsaw or other location.

  • Rental of the necessary equipment related to the interpretation service that will be ordered upon the request of Frontex.

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