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EU Commission needs Awareness Actions for Digital Innovation & Creation of e-Mentors

Brussels, 25 July 2013

European entrepreneurs, and in particular the smaller ones, still have not tapped the huge potential of ICT and all the forms of innovation and entrepreneurship that it enables. There is a clear need to develop a truly digital entrepreneurial culture. This should encourage new, small and innovative digital entrepreneurs to offer new tools and services in the digital market. It should empower EU businesses and citizens to exploit fully the opportunities provided by digital technologies.

In this respect, sharing information about new technologies, success stories of fostering digital entrepreneurship, available skills and guidance and mentoring are all very crucial. Digital entrepreneurs need hands-on practical support, beyond simple access to finance. Often, the most credible advice and support comes from mentors with direct experience, including peers, traditional market leaders, business partners, investors and industry experts.

The purpose of the contract resulting from the present procedure is to:

  • raise the visibility and media attention on European businesses and entrepreneurs that offer new digital products and services, invent innovative business models and thrive through the intelligent use of novel digital technologies.

  • set-up up a mentoring ecosystem to help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe.

The ultimate goal is to prepare better European businesses and potential entrepreneurs for the changing global digital market and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to compete and thrive, and to eventually create new growth and jobs.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Enhance the digital entrepreneurial culture by identifying and promoting digital icons, serial entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and their success stories at pan European, national and local level;

  • Catalyse the digital transformation of existing enterprises by sharing industry specific success stories of disruptive business and operating models;

  • Spark and support new business ideas in the digital world and boost their successful commercialisation to the market.

Tenderers must demonstrate sufficient ability and means available to carry out the tasks described in the technical specifications.

Deadline: 6 September 2013

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