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UNDP recruiting Web Designer

Home-Based and New York, United States of America, 25 July 2014


Recognizing far-reaching impacts of extractive activities, UNDP has adopted a Strategy for Supporting Sustainable and Equitable Management of the Extractive Industries. Through the Strategy, UNDP helps countries to reduce the risks and realize the benefits of resource extraction By working with governments, the private sector, civil society, academia, local communities and other affected groups, UNDP’s mission is to ensure that natural wealth is used to improve people’s lives.

UNDP has joined the World Bank through the World Bank Institute (WBI) as a co-convener of GOXI, Governance of Extractive Industries network, one of the largest such networks of professionals and practitioners with interest in extractive industries issues. UNDP and the World Bank are among the key global players actively working to promote sustainable extractive sector governance for development. The goal of this partnership is to develop GOXI into one of the top trusted sources of knowledge, expertise and hubs for knowledge exchange on extractive industry governance and sustainable development. The primary means of facilitating knowledge exchange and learning between members of the GOXI community (GOXIans) has included: face-to-face meetings, learning events, seminars and the online presence through www.goxi.org, GOXI’s portal.

To provide a reference guide of a country’s extractive industry to a wide range of audiences UNDP’s Team on Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development (EI Team) is creating extractive industry and development profiles of countries. The country profiles provide an instant and comprehensive overview of the extractive industry and development trends in countries.


This consultancy will support UNDP and WBI’s joint efforts to improve services offered to GOXI members, open up possibilities for further functionalities of the GOXI portal, specifically: 

  • Design and develop interactive visualization of extractive industry and development data to a user-friendly website using prepared data sets;

  • Design and develop a mobile application, with design and visualization customized to suit mobile platforms;

  • Provide technical support in procuring a content management system to be hosted and accessed through the GOXI platform, as well as in other related tasks.

Scope of work

On design and develop interactive visualization of extractive industry and development data to a user-friendly website: 

  • Develop a structure for clickable maps and visualizations and link it to spreadsheets or publicly available databases taking into consideration updates to the website as new data become available;

  • Implement testing and quality assurance;

  • Ensure compliance of website across various platforms and browsers on both Mac and PC;

  • Work closely with the Extractive Industry team to ensure that information content and design are cohesive with the website production.

On design and develop a mobile application

  • Deliver across the entire app life cycle including concept, design, build, deploy, test, release and support;

  • Integrate user interface with backend database, services and existing website.

Technical support in procuring a content management system, as well as in other related tasks; 

  • Research different content management system options and provide technical support of procurement of a content management system that best meets the needs of GOXI members;

  • Manage the implementation process of the content management system;

  • Manage video recording and do limited video-editing and dissemination of sponsored or relevant events;

  • Other tasks as may be required.


Interactive website of the extractive industry and development country profiles with search functions and possibility to view data aggregated by region, development status classifications as well as by commodities. Country profiles will include various types of content including text, graphs, and maps. 

  • Performance of the website is ensured in all connection speeds;

  • All pages of the website are accessible;

  • Country profiles are easily downloadable;

  • Updated database created containing required data with function to populate when new data become available

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