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Consultancy for Services in the Field of Facility Management

Paris, France, 25 July 2018

Description of the services & scope of the contract

Tenderers must submit an offer for all the services described hereinafter (there will be one single contract covering all packages) and grouped in the service "packages" as it follows:

  • Package A: Reception services

  • Package B: Huissier/meeting room assistant

  • Package C: Facility management support

  • Package D: Handyman

  • Package E: Travel arrangements

  • Package F: Architect/Space planning

  • Package G: Archiving Management System

  • Package H: Event Management Support

  • Package I: Hostess services

  • Package J: Security guard

The tenderer shall be in a position to provide all the services requested in the packages.

The detailed description of the packages of the above services is provided here below and the service level requirements are described below and in Service Level Agreement (Annex IV).

General service description and service level requirements

The requirements of each service package will be defined, hereinafter, following these catego-ries: description of the service, reference documents, profile required, time requirements, vol-ume/frequency of required service, specific requirements for the provision of the service.

The service description should never restrict management/FM team leader from assigning addi-tional duties where needed.
In case that the national law applicable on the tenderer limits possibility to ask for employee’s criminal record or this type of certificate is not available under the national law, the tenderer is obliged to use any similar mechanism that is useful in this area and is commonly used as a sub-stitute in that country.

The consultants need, during their assignment, to demonstrate a high-level service oriented ap-proach with internal customers and peer colleagues.

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