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Evaluation Experts for the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme

Burkina Faso, Tanzania, 25 September 2014


In 2009, a Bilateral Development Organisation started the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP). ABPP provides financial and technical support to national programmes in fiveAfrican countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Burkina Faso, based on a sector development approach which was developed and successfully implemented for over twenty years in Asia. A first phase of the programme (ABBP1) was implemented from 2009­2013. Currently a second phase, the ABPP2, is under implementation, which will run till the end of 2017.

The purpose of the evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the effectiveness of the ABPP approach in developing a market oriented biogas sector, along with assessing the impact of ABPP in terms of number of people using bio-digesters.

The findings will be used for accountability to the main donor, as well for learning and improvement of the programme. It is expected that the findings will help the programme to advance the biogas sector development in the countries.

The scope of the evaluation

  • The key focus of the evaluation is on the emergence and development of a sustainable domestic biogas market. Measuring impact at consumer level in terms of improved living conditions of households, will not be in the scope of this evaluation

  • The evaluation will focus on the OECD/DAC criteria impact, effectiveness, and sustainability

  • The evaluation will cover the period from the start of the programme (2008) until end 2014 (ABPP-1 and start ABPP-2)

The evaluation will focus on ABPP in Burkina Faso and Tanzania.

  • The Burkina Faso programme has been selected because Burkina Faso is the only West-African ABPP country. Besides, the Burkina Faso programme is financially supported by its national government through end user subsidies and coverage of NIA operational cost (staff salaries, office cost contributions), which the other ABPP programmes, except for Ethiopia, are not;

  • The Tanzania programme has been selected because the Tanzania approach in terms of both biogas sector development and private sector development contains elements that could potentially be scaled up in other countries. Besides, Tanzania has gradually been transitioning from a state led nation to a more open liberalised market economy, and as such well positioned in between state led countries (Ethiopia) and free market countries (like Kenya)

Submission Deadline: 15 October 2014

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