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WHO recruiting Monitoring, Surveillance Systems and Databases Unit Leader

Copenhagen, Denmark, 25 October 2013

Featured Project

WHO Europe's set of health databases is its main repository of health statistics. This key resource provides authoritative health data on the 53 countries in the WHO European Region. This enables comparative analyses of the health situation and trends in the Region, and surveillance of disease and monitoring of trends in policy areas, including key determinants of health (such as alcohol, tobacco and nutrition), thus fulfilling a key mandate of the Organization.

Purpose of the post

To identify and conceptualize priority areas and directions of EURO health informatics activities, manage the MSD Health Informatics team, to provide managerial and technical guidance to the Director of the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation (DIR) of the WHO Regional Office for Europe for strengthening health information systems. The incumbent plays a key leading role in the design, development and implementation of the WHO Europe integrated health information platform and provides support to the development of a joint health information strategy for Europe. The incumbent responds to the increasing demand for improved access to health data and for modern, user-friendly data analysis and information presentation capacities. This includes fostering and facilitating joint data collection and exchange mechanisms as well as defining data quality requirements and health information technology standard operation procedures. The incumbent will plan, coordinate and carry out all operational activities related to technical programme databases and information infrastructure, including data updates, application development, system analysis and maintenance. The incumbent shall also act as advocate to and liaise with stakeholders, partners and collaborators as well as represent the regional office's health information strategy and interests in global initiatives and working groups.

Description of duties

The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable for the overall coordination and implementation of activities involving DIR health informatics and data management to support WHO Europe health information research, evaluation and dissemination.

In particular, the duties will include:

  • Lead the MSD (Monitoring, Surveillance and Databases) team and responsibility for all technical aspects of the conceptualization, development and maintenance of the WHO Europe regional office's integrated health information system, an information infrastructure capable of integrating databases of all technical areas and programs and, through the provision of a "one-stop-shop" web portal, offer user-friendly, interactive access to information across programs and divisions.

  • Plan, delegate, supervise and participate in the development of the different components of the WHO/Europe integrated health information system platform, including data-model and data-warehouse, and their links with the envisaged integrated European Health Information system.

  • Lead the development of operationally sound databases and software for specific health-related activities following the concepts of requirement assessment and business process analysis and case description.

  • Design and coordinate the implementation of a data-warehouse structure consisting of thematic 'data-marts' and with functionality in place for automated update from operational database content. Overall planning and supervision of, as well as direct contributions to the development of data applications and services. Analysis and definition of technical requirements and staff resources; delegation and assignment of responsibilities and tasks.

  • Manage and coordinate MSD programme and planning activities, provide comprehensive guidance, technical and managerial leadership, plan and evaluate future needs, advise and communicate with senior management, policy groups, MSD stakeholders, WHO Europe collaborating centres, WHO headquarters, and regional and country offices.

  • Responsible for technical programme and project database and data-warehouse development, including all facets of utilized software and application development life cycles such as: Project planning; Requirements definition; Feasibility and sustainability analysis; Systems analysis and design; Implementation, integration and testing; Acceptance assessment; Maintenance and change management.

  • Plan and coordinate all MSD day-to-day operational activities and tasks related to the improvement of existing technical databases, data warehouse, web services, web applications and modules according to the strategic plan and client requests. Design, develop and maintain data exchange interfaces and mechanisms with external partners and data collection focal points.

  • Analyze continuously WHO Europe data collection and management systems, as well as content quality, identify gaps and problems, and suggest solution. Ensure that the information is accessible and analyzable for technical programmes other clients.

  • Develop concepts for quality control and performance monitoring indicators in MSD database related activities and processes, in close coordination with WHO QA coordinator and relevant DIR colleagues.

  • Liaise with partner organizations and collaborating centres regarding information exchange and harmonization of data management systems.

  • Provide support to the operational research and reporting activities. Support and coordinate the collection, analysis, aggregation and spread of data as required.

  • Analyze trends in information technologies, especially those pertaining to public health. Provide strategic advice and recommendations on the use of new information technologies in areas of DIR and WHO Europe involvement.

  • Supervise and manage MSD staff and ensure timely completion of staff evaluations and other aspects of good human resources management, as required.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Contract duration: two years, extension of appointment is subject to a) satisfactory performance, b) continued need for the function, and c) availability of funds.

Deadline: 24 November 2013

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