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Tender: Reconfirm initiative - Regional Cooperation Networks for Industrial Modernisation

Belgium, 26 April 2016


The European Commission aims at enhancing the competitiveness of industry by, inter alia, providing targeted support to regional authorities in the implementation of their smart specialisation strategies in order to encourage partnership projects for industrial modernisation with focus on transnational, inter-regional and cross-border cooperation and proactive involvement of industry and SMEs. 
Hence, the aim of the contract is to foster networks of regions, industry, research and other regional stakeholders involving them in the implementation of smart specialisation strategies and to facilitate co-operation on innovative industrial projects.

The ultimate goal is the promotion, design and initiation of investment partnerships across EU borders aimed at industrial modernisation with players from various EU regions and notably from lagging behind regions.

Specific objectives of the initiative

The RE-CONFIRM initiative will specifically aim at:

  • Providing expertise and support to facilitate targeted networking activities at EU level with the aim of establishing concrete co-operation mechanisms and projects based on priorities identified in national and regional smart specialisation strategies.

  • In identified industrial areas (selected by the tenderer following the methodology explained here after), helping pooling efforts of regions active in topics of common interest in order to engage them for example in joint pilot plants for developing innovative industry-led applications especially on the basis of existing or new value chains. Additionally, the RECONFIRM Initiative could help identifying investment needs and obstacles that could be addressed through the Investment Plan for Europe.

  • Where relevant, supporting regions in entrepreneurial discovery process to identify new emerging opportunities which match research strengths with business needs.


The initiative will target mainly industry and other business, regional authorities and agencies, R&T centres, Cluster organisations and other business networks, Chambers of Commerce and other local players involved in the implementation of smart specialisation strategies from all EU regions with special focus on lagging regions and regions in transition.

  • Work Package 1: mapping overview and selection of areas of action

  •  Work Package 2: triggering concrete co-operation 

  •  Work Package 3: targeted promotion and communication activities and synergies 

The services to be delivered will cover all regions of the 28 EU Member States for which there are national and/or regional strategies for smart specialisation.


Submission Deadline: 30 May 2016

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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