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UNDP recruiting E-Government Project Manager

Libya, 26 August 2013


A priority for the transitional government of Libya is the modernization of its institutions by strategically deploying Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In this context, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics has been asked to develop and implement a national e-government strategy. A private consulting firm is assisting with the overall strategy, while UNDP has been requested to support early implementation of the strategy, focused on Government to Government and Government to Citizen interactions.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of the Ministry's project team in the implementation and execution of the preliminary stages of the e-government project;

  • Develop mechanisms to link with key line Ministries and their delivery of public services to enhance the scope of the overall project design and increase buy-in by local counterparts

  • Develop a robust project document that reflects the most suitable niche areas where UNDP can provide support

The Project Manager will achieve these objectives by working full-time and on site with the Ministry, within the framework of the developing overall strategy. She/he will oversee the coordination and work of supporting consultants and advisers in their specific tasks and will provide overall strategic advice to assist the Ministry team at critical points.

Scope of Work

The UNDP Project Manager will act within the Ministry's overall mandate and within the framework of the strategy. The strategic advice will focus on policy design, programme implementation, identification of niche areas where UNDP has expertise, and institutional analysis, in relation to public service delivery, change management, and government interoperability.

He/she will work closely with the Ministry Project Manager and report primarily to him while also maintaining close relationship and reporting line to UNDP.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support to the execution of the strategy, currently being developed by the Ministry in partnership with Price Waterhouse Coopers;

  • Provide consultative advice on the development of the Project Management Office, including structure, design and job descriptions;

  • Design and oversee capacity assessments of selected and agreed pilot Ministries (likely Health, Education and Industry) in the area of citizen service delivery;

  • Design and oversee the assessment of selected and agreed pilot Municipalities in the area of citizen service delivery through kiosks, one-stop shops or other similar channels;

  • Coordinate for the provision of e-governance expertise and advice from UN HQ;

  • Arrange for provision of expertise and lessons learned from other jurisdictions and countries;

  • Assist with the change management strategy and execution, both for the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and in partnering line Ministries;

  • Consider of a possible study tour with presentation of options and funding sources;

  • Provide any other related strategic advisory support upon the request of the beneficiary and/or project management;

  • Develop of a Project Document for the consideration of both parties for more continued and sustained assistance.

Note that arrangements are in place to bring in the Senior ICT Policy Adviser from Democratic Governance in UNDP HQ for one or more missions to provide expertise from other jurisdictions, best practice (especially in interoperability) and facilitation of stakeholder workshops. Funding has also been set aside to bring in capacity assessment teams to carry out assessments on pilot Ministries (1 or 2) and pilot municipalities (2-3). Development of a work plan, in consultation with the Ministry team and UNDP will be an early deliverable. The work plan, along with any other associated work plans for project elements, will contain specific objectives, a detailed description of the activities, expected outputs and results, supported by measurable indicators.

Deadline: 8 September 2013

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