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GFA recruiting Start-up and Entrepreneurial Support Expert

Serbia, 26 August 2019

Project title

EU Support to Science and Technology Park Belgrade for Services to Innovative Companies

Project description

The activities within this assignment will be implemented at two levels. The project is primarily aimed at further increase of internal capacities of the STP to efficiently and sustainably support companies and potential entrepreneurs in innovation and technological development sector. The Contractor will take as a basis the existing capacities and concepts which were developed within the STP in the past and provide proposal for the most efficient upgrade. The segment of training and capacity building within the STP will be based on targeted, tailor made approach, using and applying the recent practice in the sector and international best practices. The core of activities within the STP will be based on the principle of learning-by-doing. The Contractor will provide the STP with qualified and competent experts who will jointly with the STP staff implement concrete services for SMEs and potential entrepreneurs as pilot examples. The aim of this process is to equip the STP staff with abilities and knowledge to deliver the required support to their clients independently after the conclusion of the project.
The second level of intervention is transfer of STP concepts, experiences and knowledge to other stakeholders in Serbia. The project will work with relevant stakeholders who can further strengthen the position of STP and ensure more efficient advancement of technological development and innovation sector at different levels. This process should have positive impact in the sector as a whole, taking into account the level of achievements and further building of capacities of the STP applied in this project. At the national level the Contractor will support further building of strong sector networks and communication within sectors. The concrete activities listed below will contribute to rising of capacities of specific sector stakeholders and to improved performance of policy making and operational level. The project will also work on strengthening the sector at the local and regional level. This will be done by including local/regional stakeholders (including other incubators and technology parks in Serbia) into capacity building activities. The project will examine current status, prepare stakeholders map and propose specific targeted interventions. Through the support work the concept of STP will be promoted as the national standard and reference to other similar institutions.

Job description

Each of the key experts nominated within the project will take over responsibility for coordination of specific activities.

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