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UNDP recruiting Consultant for Preparation of Plan for Implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions

Home-based with two missions to Bosnia Herzegovina, 27 June 2017


The international consultant will prepare a plan for implementation of NDCs of B&H covering all the relevant aspects of the Plan (starting from the timeframe, decision on legal framework, governance structure of NDC preparation and implementation, financial analysis relevant for the NDCs, planning of new NDCs and its finalization and approval). The international consultant will work in close cooperation with 1 national consultant who will provide local support and expertise in preparation of the Plan for implementation of NDCs of B&H.. Needed support will be provided by GEF Project Manager and Climate change policy advisor of the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub.
Entire process of Plan development should assure identification and involvement of all stakeholders relevant to this process.

Background Information

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) became a member of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on December 6, 2000, and the Kyoto Protocol was ratified on April 22, 2008. Following the ratification of the UNFCCC, BiH has made a serious effort to es¬tablish appropriate political, institutional, and legal frameworks to meet the commitments of the convention.
Since COP 21 (2015), countries have started to ratify the Paris Agreement, which entered into force on 4th November 2016, and confirm their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). In the future, countries will be required to submit updated and more ambitious NDCs every five years.

In order to implement NDCs successfully, as a first step a proper planning process should be set in place. The planning process needs to consider many aspects of the NDC implementation, including: establish a mandate for coordinating actions around NDCs cycles and driving implementation; mainstream and integrate climate change into national planning and development processes; stakeholder engagement and address resource constraints.

Duties and Responsibilities

International consultant will provide around 10 days of home-based support, and around 10 days of support within Bosnia and Herzegovina spread over two missions, all of which aim to preparation of implementation plan of NDCs. The main duty of international consultant will be to provide guidance, support, and expertise and to cooperate with the national consultants who will provide local expertise needed in development of the implementation plan of NDCs for B&H, with specific reference to the following:

  • Development of workplan and guiding the development of implementation plan in close cooperation with engaged national consultant and GEF Project Manager;

  • Cooperation with relevant ministries aimed at preparation of realistic and efficient implementation plan;

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders and their active involvement in the preparation of the implementation plan;

  • Presentation of draft version of NDCs implementation plan at the workshop for stakeholders in order to obtain their feedbacks and comments;

  • Preparation of final draft version and its submission for approval.

The NDC implementation plan should include the following segments:

Establishment of timeframe for the NDC that should be aligned with:

  • the Paris Agreement NDC updating cycle;

  • national planning processes.

Decision, including its justification, on legal form and publication of the Plan;

Decision, including its justification, on governance structure of NDC preparation and implementation considering the following:

  • Organizational structure of the NDC Plan implementation (political only, political and technical together, political with technical group/s on mitigation and adaptation);

  • Review the existing organization of the NDC preparation (that could be assessed as sufficient and therefore no action will be needed);

  • Design of the needed structure including the: format (focal point, committee, responsible ministry/agency); players, mandate, roles, and responsibilities; cooperation/communication between key ministries, departments and agencies, sub-national authorities; broader stakeholders and mechanisms for their involvement; funding of the designed structure work; legal format of the structure; identification of the capacity building needs and how to build it.

Development of a Mitigation Plan for the implementation of the NDC considering the following:

  • Linking the mitigation NDC target and sectors to the existing strategic documents and plans (i.e. Low Emission Development Strategy);

  • Identification of additional mitigation actions, identify financial needs and possibilities for international financing and recommend development of additional strategy/policies/plans/programs/projects;

  • Analyze the existing Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system and plan improvements at national/sectoral/program/project MRV levels for tracking implementation and impacts (link to other processes, SDG, etc.) in line with EU requirements including the: development of mechanism for adjusting policies and developing new ones when not reaching the target; implementation of the mitigation policies; possible adjustments of the mitigation actions; identification of the links to other processes such as EU requirements; The Energy Charter Treaty; SDG, SE4ALL, Sendai Framework, TNA, etc. and the MRV system to use common monitoring and reporting systems and information; identify links to adaptation if applicable; link the national system of reporting to the international reporting on NDC under UNFCCC; initiation of preparation of the second NDC; identification of capacity building needs and possible ways of meeting them; consideration of genders issues.

Development of Adaptation Plan for the implementation of the NDC considering the following:

  • As it is not submitted as part of the NDC; it should be decided if and when to add it including the additional information to an existing part and decision on need to perform additional analysis of current and future climate change impacts and vulnerability or using the latest National Communication;

  • Link the adaptation of NDC target/needs to existing national strategies/plans/policies/programs/projects;

  • Analyze the potential of those required to meet the adaptation target/needs set in the NDC;

Development of the plan for participation in the new market based mechanisms (SDM);

Development of plan for financial support for the NDC implementation (including evaluation of needed financial resources and revision of existing international, national - both public and private) financial resources;

Development of a plan for new/subsequent NDC;

Ensure stakeholder participation at all stages of plan preparation.

The total duration of the assignment will be 20 working days over approximately 4 months. Expected date of contract is September 1st,2017.  A detailed timeframe will be worked out with the consultant at the beginning of the assignment.

Deliverables and timelines

The consultant is responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Organize consultations with relevant stakeholders - September 30th, 2017;

  • Draft version of the Implementation Plan submitted to the UNDP - October 30th, 2017;

  • Organize a workshop with relevant stakeholders to present the draft version of the Implementation Plan - November 30th, 2017;

  • Final version of implementation plan for NDC submitted, approved and published - December 20th , 2017;

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