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Call for Tenders: Indexing and Legal Analysis of EU Documents

Luxembourg, 27 August 2018


The Publications Office is responsible for the production and distribution of the Official Journal of the European Union ('the OJ') and of other documents of the European Union institutions and bodies ('the EU institutions'). In this connection, it manages several websites.

One of them is EUR-Lex : a free website, which aims to give to the public access to documents of the European Union. It provides access to a network of documents mostly coming from the EU institutions. The OJ is published on EUR-Lex together with an electronic signature which shows that the OJ is authentic and its electronic version has legal value.

To this end, the texts published in the OJ and other collections produced by the EU institutions are registered, analysed and indexed in the production databases of the Publications Office.

Subject of the call for tenders

The subject matter of the FWC is the verification, production and delivery of metadata in electronic form for (i) legislative, administrative or policy oriented documents and legislative procedures from the EU institutions or bodies, and for (ii) national judgments in the field of civil and commercial matters including production and/or translation of the summaries into English, French and German languages, and (iii) producing structured legal citations based on the references in the decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union and in the opinions of the Advocates General as well as correcting erroneous citations.

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