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GIZ recruiting Sector Project Providing for Health Adviser

Eschborn, Germany, 28 January 2014


As a federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Field of activity

The P4H Network for Social Health Protection/Universal Health Coverage coordinates the development support to partner countries for setting up sustainable and equitable health financing structures. This contributes to improving access to the health services and to reducing the incidence of catastrophic health expenditure. One way of doing this is the integration of issues of social health protection into national development plans and programmes. Working in this framework contributes to donor harmonization according to the Paris declaration and the Accra Agenda. The Network Partners are Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, the United States as well as the African Development Bank, the ILO, the WHO and the Worldbank.

The German contribution to the Network is coordinated through the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ by its German acronym). The BMZ commissioned GIZ to contribute to the coordination of the whole Network as well as to implement a financial contribution by means of a Sector Project. Switzerland cofinances the Sector Project.

The activities of the Sector Project P4H include:

  • Technical and process-oriented advisory services for the development and implementation of national strategies for Social Health Protection and Health Financing in cooperation with other development partners;

  • Developing capacities for performance analysis of existing systems for Social Health Protection as a basis for the development of reform options and for setting up political dialogue platforms.

  • Conceptual cooperation with other development partners on global level in different areas, especially Capacity Development.

  • Placement of the topic of Social Health Protection and Universal Health Coverage in international fora and in the context of the Post 2015 development agenda.

An important part of P4H advice is the development and discussion of reform options and the customization and combination of Health Financing and Social Health Protection instruments in the context of country-specific reform goals, the political and socio-economic context and the specific system characteristics. This is achieved through supporting inclusive, cross-sectoral political dialogues on reform goals and options.


You advise partner countries in the development and reform of their systems for universal health coverage. This includes support for the content of reforms as well as reform processes. You will do this in close cooperation with the bilateral country programmes of the German and Swiss development cooperation in health, social protection and other relevant sectors. You will work together with partner country ministries responsible for health, social protection and other relevant areas, as well as with national health insurers to improve equitable access and more efficient financing of health care services. You will act as a catalyst for reform and support inclusive and partner-driven reform processes. Your mission will be carried out in close collaboration with other partners of the P4H network.

Another important aspect of the Sector Project’s work is documentation and dissemination of knowledge about what works for universal health coverage and social health protection. You will support this area with own contributions and through management of projects in this area.

The third important area of work in the Sector Project is Capacity Development. In this area, you will contribute to the development of strategies and products, especially in the area of human capacity development. Again, this work will be undertaken in close collaboration with other partners in the P4H network.

You will contribute to the development of expertise within the GIZ and to knowledge management in the Sector Project.

Deadline:  7 February 2014

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