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World Bank recruiting Country-level Evaluations Consultant

Washington DC, United States of America, 28 January 2015


The Global Environment Facility (GEF) provides support to address global environmental concerns related to biodiversity, climate change, international waters, land degradation, the ozone layer, and persistent organic pollutants. The GEF Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO) has a central role in ensuring the independent evaluation function within the GEF. The GEF IEO is responsible for undertaking independent evaluations that involve a set of projects, programs, policies or processes.

The GEF IEO conducts country-level evaluations to provide the GEF Council and other national and international stakeholders with an assessment of results and performance of GEF support at country level, and of how GEF support fits into national strategies and priorities of the country portfolio under study as well as within the global environmental mandate of the GEF.

The selected consultant will work at the GEF IEO and contribute to: (a) the ongoing country-level evaluations work program for GEF-5 (Russia, Morocco and Tajikistan evaluations); (b) background work for the country-level evaluation work program for GEF-6.
The GEF IEO is based in Washington DC. It is administered by the World Bank but it is independent of its management as well as the management of the GEF. Its Director reports directly to the GEF Council, the GEF governing body. All contracts with the Office are World Bank contracts. More information about the IEO can be found at Offices website: www.gefeo.org.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The consultant will perform the following tasks, for a maximum of 70 work-days:

  • Desk review and synthesize selected documents and studies (15 days)

  • Perform project portfolio trend analysis (15 days)

  • Pre-fill Project Review Protocols for subsequent aggregated analysis (15 days)

  • Undertake meta-analysis of evaluative evidence on knowledge management and sharing (20 days)

  • Draft knowledge products emanating from the ongoing country portfolio evaluations (5 days)

The level of effort for each task is indicative. Other tasks may emerge as deemed appropriate according to the emerging needs.
Contract duration and other arrangements

This 70 work-days contract runs from March 1 to June 30, 2015. The position is based in Washington DC. All the rules and regulations of the World Bank that are applicable to the Short Term Consultant positions would be applicable for this position.

Submission Deadline: 9 February 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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