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Diagnostic Study on Enhancing Value: Added Production and Export in Jordan's Manufacturing Sector

Jordan, 28 January 2019

Project Description:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "EBRD" or the "Bank") is implementing the Value Chains Competitiveness Programme (the "VCCP"), which aims at enhancing competitiveness of small and medium enterprises ("SMEs") in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. The Programme is financed by the European Union's Neighbourhood Investment Facility and allocates support to 1) investment grants and advisory/technical assistance ('TA') to eligible SMEs; and 2) diagnostic studies of identified value chains.

The diagnostic studies aim at identifying priority subsectors and ways to support SME competitiveness and value chain development. The studies will provide further insight into investments and technical assistance needs to support competitiveness improvements, and to eventually improve access to finance along the value chain.

Assignment Description:

EBRD wishes to engage a consultant (the "Consultant") to carry out a Diagnostic Study on Enhancing Value-Added Production and Export in Egypt's Engineering Sector (the "Assignment").

The expected outcome of the Assignment is to enhance the competitiveness and export prospects of SMEs in selected priority value chains/subsectors in Egypt's manufacturing sector, while improving trade opportunities between Egypt and other high value markets such as the EU. This will be achieved through diagnostic analysis aimed at identifying challenges and opportunities for increasing value-added production and exports in 5 priority sub-sectors/value chains, tentatively in the area of food/agriculture, garment, chemical, and plastics industries.

The selected Consultant is expected to:

  • Undertake analysis, focusing on sector competitiveness and value chain analysis, and diagnostics of regulatory impediments in Jordan's manufacturing sectors, with a particular emphasis on specific value chains, tentatively on the food/agriculture, garment, chemical, and plastics industries, and develop recommendations related thereto. The analysis should include a thorough review of existing literature and studies undertaken by both EBRD and other stakeholders, as well as primary and new information gathered during the Assignment.

  • Formulate strategic export development objectives for the aforementioned industries at large, and broken down into specific export targets for the subsectors identified as priority by the study with action plans for the achievement of those targets.

  • Present, discuss and validate findings and action plans/recommendations with relevant sector stakeholders in Jordan at a public-private workshop and technical meetings.

The selected Consultant is expected to work closely with the Amman Chamber of Industry (the "ACI"), a non-profit organization representing the Jordanian industrial sector. The Chamber represents more than 9,000 Jordanian manufacturing firms, of which 90% are SMEs. ACI works to increase the competitiveness of Jordanian products locally and internationally, and promote Jordanian exports. The ACI has expressed their willingness to collaborate with the EBRD as a main local counterpart on a diagnostic study on export development in a number of priority value chains in Jordan's manufacturing sector.

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