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Security Risk Management Consultancy Services

Brussels, Belgium, 28 May 2018


The General Secretariat of the Council of the EU wants to obtain consultancy and support services in the domain of Security Risk Management (SRM) in order to ensure the security of people, assets and business processes. Development of the security strategy and determination of short and longer term security priorities will be supported and rationalised by a security risk management programme based on the ISO 31000 standard. The approach will also include intelligence analysis supported by analytical techniques, weak-signal analysis, scenario planning and strategic foresight.

Scope of the contract

The contract comprises consultancy, advice and support services in all areas of risk management, including (indicatively, but not exhaustively):

  • Implementation of the ISO 31000 risk management framework

  • Implementation of security risk management processes

  • Providing advice on methods and tools for the assessment of threats, vulnerabilities and risks (including the implementation of the intelligence process) and evaluation of mitigation measures:

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