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UNDP recruiting Social and Environmental Standards Consultant

Home work with possible travels, 28 May 2019


UNDP's Social and Environmental Standards (SES, www.undp.org/ses) underpin our commitment to mainstream social and environmental sustainability in our Programmes and Projects to support sustainable development.

The objectives of the Standards are to:

  • Strengthen the social and environmental outcomes of Programmes and Projects

  • Avoid adverse impacts to people and the environment

  • Minimize, mitigate, and manage adverse impacts where avoidance is not possible

  • Strengthen UNDP and partner capacities for managing social and environmental risks

  • Ensure full and effective stakeholder engagement, including through a mechanism to respond to complaints from project-affected people

The SES are comprised of an Overarching Policy and Principles, Project-Level Standards, and a Policy Delivery Process. The overarching policy and principles at the core of the SES are: (i) human rights-based approach to development programming; (ii) gender equality; and (iii) environmental sustainability.

A key mechanism to ensure these standards are applied is through UNDP's project-level Social and Environmental Screening Procedure (SESP). The objectives of the SESP are to: (a) Integrate the SES Overarching Principles (human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability); (b) Identify potential social and environmental risks and their significance; (c) Determine the Project's risk category (Low, Moderate, High); and (d) Determine the level of social and environmental assessment and management required to address potential risks and impacts.

UNDP's SES and SESP came into effect January 1, 2015. The challenge now is to ensure successful implementation and strengthened capacities of staff to apply the standards.

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant will support the following activities upon request and based on agreed deliverables that align with the following:

  • Development of Operational Guidance and Training

  • Technical and Advisory Support Related to Implementation of the SESP

Travel: The consultant may be required to travel under Deliverable 2 and UNDP will arrange and cover the cost of the official travel in accordance to UNDP rules and procedures by providing tickets, travel allowances – daily subsistence allowance and terminal expenses.

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