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Tender: Support to Development of Maritime Strategy in Western Mediterranean Sub-sea Basin

Belgium, 28 July 2015


The Organisation wishes to enter into a service contract to support the preparation of a Maritime Strategy for the Western Mediterranean and the development of an action plan to implement this strategy.

The specific objectives of the service contract are the following:

  • Assessing the needs and opportunities for maritime policy coordination and project-based cooperation in the Western Mediterranean;

  • Involving the most relevant stakeholders in the process and ensure that their interests and concerns are properly taken into account in the drafting of the Strategy and the Action Plan;

  • Supporting the drafting of a Strategy and an Action Plan for the Western Mediterranean.

Geographical scope

The services to be delivered will focus primarily on the Western Mediterranean Sea of Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. It may include Portugal and other potentially interested countries as well.

Indicative methodology

The contractor is requested to carry out a comprehensive analysis on the needs and opportunities of Maritime Strategy for the Western Mediterranean. The contractor shall establish a stakeholders' platform to support the elaboration and consultation process (e.g. website, on line consultations, forum). The working sessions of the stakeholders' platform should lead to the definition of viable joint and or coordinated actions/initiatives addressing challenges and opportunities with a trans-national and cross-sectorial dimension.

The contractor shall take into consideration the above list of initiatives when looking to the Western Mediterranean sub-region and bear in mind that a final decision on the establishment of a dedicated strategy for this sub-region has not yet been taken by all concerned parties. The strategy should be established under the umbrella of the UfM and conceived as pilot towards a wider sea-basin approach. In turn, other countries belonging to the Union of the Mediterranean may be considered and involved as appropriate by the scope of a future maritime strategy for the Western Mediterranean.


Submission Deadline: 7 September 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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