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World Bank recruiting Senior Officer, International Relations for its Rome Office

Rome, Italy, 28 November 2013


The World Bank’s Rome Office (the Rome Office) is responsible for leading the dialogue between the WBG and constituencies in Southern European donor countries (Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus). The Rome Office also supports the WBG’s operational work in Southern Mediterranean countries, as well as the dialogue with the Rome-based UN organizations and the Holy See. The Rome Office is integrated into ECREU, which is part of the ECR Vice Presidency, and is headed by a Senior International Affairs Officer and supported by an International Affairs Associate and an Administrative Assistant. The Senior International Affairs Officer will report to the Director, ECREU, based in Paris.

The overall objectives of the task are:

  • to improve the mutual understanding between the WBG and stakeholders in Southern Europe;

  • to increase the financial, political, institutional and intellectual support of country institutions to multilateral efforts in general, and WBG efforts in particular;

  • to strengthen operational/sectoral cooperation in priority countries/sectors;

  • in collaboration with IFC, to strengthen outreach to the private sector; and

  • to increase collaboration between WBG units and partners at all levels in Italy.

The Rome Office forms part of ECR Europe’s work on Donor Countries and International Organizations, which includes responsibility for strategic relationship management with Part 1 authorizing environments and international organizations (UN, EU,...) and coordination across the WBG of donor country, international organization & constituency issues.

Duties and accountabilities

The Senior International Affairs Officer is responsible for shaping and coordinating shareholder and stakeholder engagement in Southern Europe with a view to increasing the financial, political, institutional and intellectual support of country institutions to multilateral efforts in general, and WBG efforts in particular:

  • Represent the WBG on a broad range of routine to sometimes complex and sensitive issues, regularly addressing shareholders and major audiences on WBG business and development topics in business meetings and external speaking engagements.

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the political and economic situation and prospects in Southern European countries, and of the policies/thinking/attitudes pertaining to and affecting all aspects of Southern European’s official and non-governmental development assistance.

  • Analyze, report and brief WBG Management on major political economic issues, both proactively and on demand, to enhance their interaction with Southern European constituencies and the overall effectiveness of the WBG’s partnership with Southern European countries.

  • Write analytical briefing notes on major issues/events/institutions/individuals in Southern Europe that are of significance to the WBG – including trends in public opinion.

  • Coordinate high-level missions by WBG Senior Management to Southern Europe, in close coordination with ECREU Paris and relevant HQ-based WBG units.

  • In cooperation with IFC, support WBG outreach to the private sector, with a focus on Italy. It is envisaged that 20% of the time of the post will be devoted to this programme of work. In particular: With a view to raising the profile and awareness of the work and opportunities for business of the WBG: Conduct regular outreach to key business groups and industry associations; Represent the WBG at key private sector events; and Develop and maintain a range of key private sector contacts and maintain a continuous dialogue with them. In cooperation with the IFC Principal Investment Officer with responsibility for Italy, identify areas for potential business development in line with IFC’s engagement strategy in Italy and its investment strategy globally for all industry groups and facilitate follow-up with the IFC Principal Investment Officer.

  • Lead the preparation and implementation of comprehensive WBG positioning in and outreach strategy with Southern European countries, with clear long term goals, with focus on key constituencies, parliamentarians, NGOs, media, academia and think-tanks. In particular: Organize regular briefings about the WBG and/or timely development topics with core constituencies. Liaise regularly with key individuals and national groups, developing and maintaining a ‘rolodex’ of the prominent individuals in Southern Europe that are of importance to the WBG’s agenda and/or have influence on development policy and assistance. Develop and maintain a continuous dialogue with the key people in each of the core constituencies (media, NGOs, academia and think-tanks, the private sector, government officials, and parliamentarians). Orchestrate the launch and targeted dissemination of WBG publications. Organize and manage, or facilitate the organization of, major events in Southern Europe in close coordination with relevant WBG units. Act as a WBG spokesperson in Italy and Spain, providing media interviews, appearing on national radio and television programmes, and otherwise serving as the principal liaison for key media organizations, editorial boards, magazines, newspapers. Prepare or oversee preparation of major communications products, including news releases, articles, op-eds, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, etc.

  • Follow up opportunities and support implementation of operational projects/programmes.

  • Liaise with international organizations based in Rome, in close coordination with the SDN Network and ECRUN.

  • Liaise with MNA and ECA Regions in exploring opportunities to collaborate with Southern European Development Cooperation agencies and other governmental institutions, including through Reimbursable Advisory Services, co-financing, etc.

  • Continually assess and anticipate critical public relations/communications issues pertaining to the WBG’s relations with Southern Europe, and contribute to the formulation of the WBG’s public position on those issues.

  • Responsible for front-line Rome Office management, including routine financial transactions (e.g., signing checks).

Application Deadline: 12 December 2013 

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