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International Organisation hiring Communications Officer

Moldova, 29 February 2016


The Communications Officer should be able to work independently, seeking guidance from management, proactively collaborate with operational and other members of the country team, and build partnerships with the ECA and the country management unit communications teams in Washington, DC and other parts of the region.

The key external audience includes the general public, media, government officials, academics, business leaders, and civil society organizations. The Communications Officer will lead in the design and implementation of communications and outreach strategies directed at both internal and external audiences and in the implementation of customized approaches appropriate to Moldova.

Duties and accountabilities

The Organisation is seeking an experienced, imaginative and dynamic communications professional who will work across the entire Moldova country program to build support for sound policy decisions, share knowledge and “market” the results of that program with internal and external audiences.

The Communications Officer’s supervisor will be the Europe and Central Asia Communications Adviser based in Washington DC. The Country Manager will be co-supervisor; the Communications Officer will report to the Country Manager on all day-to-day activities in-country.

Specific Duties

The Communications Officer’s major responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop an implementable communications strategy with a clear short- and medium-term itemized action plan to promote good development policy choices and facilitate the WBG’s operations. Ensure the strategy is aligned with corporate priorities, demonstrates Bank impact, maximizes the impact of resources used and anticipates reputational risk issues.

  • Execute the communication strategy and action plan utilizing online, social, televisual and print media. Monitor and report to the Country Manager on their impact and effectiveness.

  • Political and public opinion analysis; monitoring and analyzing current events and public and press opinion in Moldova; and providing regular updates to the Country Manager and country team.

  • Identify and create opportunistic outreach activities when circumstances permit.

  • Formulate a strategic framework for social media to better position the Moldova program and its key advocacy campaigns within the country and with key partners.

Support to Operations

  • Provide regular communications support to operations with the guidance and support of the ECA communications team in Washington. This includes working with operational teams towards: (i) making communication based inputs into the upstream reviews; (ii) helping GP task teams, across all products, to identify and develop their own communications strategies consistent with the country communications strategy; and (iii) supporting key communications efforts of individual operations, including by writing/editing high-caliber articles that can be disseminated both to external media outlets and internal WBG/regional platforms.

  • Determine the types of information and communications strategies, tools and activities that are best suited to addressing issues under the Bank’s access to information policy and according to the specific reputational risks.

  • Produce a daily Moldova news round-up for the Moldova Country Team.

  • Prepare communications packages, and write/disseminate both routine and specific products (e.g., news releases, backgrounders, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, websites, speeches, briefing notes, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.) to promote the strategic and timely flow of information and key messages about the Bank Group in Moldova, its policies and operations to key internal and external audiences.

External relations

  • Initiate and sustain effective professional relationships with key internal and/or external constituencies (particularly Civil Society, NGOs, academia, and private sector).

  • Participate in and advise on the WBG’s interactions with representatives of the Left Bank.

  • Identify opportunities for and forge strategic partnerships both inside and outside the Bank to improve dialogue and outreach and to strengthen the Bank's overall effectiveness and image.

  • Enhance WBG Moldova’s public outreach program through partnerships with civil society, universities, student associations, foundations, private sector, including joint seminars and other outreach events by working closely with other ECR colleagues.

Skills and Behaviors

  • Strong client focus: sound judgment and ability to evaluate client needs, suggest innovative approaches and follow up to implement;

  • Demonstrated willingness to receive feedback and adjust to a rapidly-changing environment with evolving priorities;

  • Ability to prioritize, work well under pressure and capably handle/juggle multiple tasks within tight deadlines;

  • Ability to think strategically and rapidly analyze and integrate diverse information from varied sources into key messages tailored to target audiences;

  • Solid understanding of policies, current development topics, issues and institutions;

  • Good understanding of operations, especially the strategy, policy review and project cycle, counterpart relations, and stakeholder dynamics.


Deadline: 21 March 2016

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