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British Council hiring School Counselling Expert

Home-based, 29 March 2018

About the project

The British Council is seeking expressions of interest from experienced education experts for a major EU-funded programme which is focused on improving the quality and equality of the primary and secondary education systems in Iraq through capacity building at Ministry and school level. The programme's main objectives include:

  • Subcomponent 1: Increasing enrolment rates by analysing the main causes of low enrolment and developing strategies to address the differential rates.

  • Subcomponent 2: Raising the quality of education at primary and secondary school level by building capacity to enhance the curriculum, particularly in the areas of human science and peace education, and to support children with particular needs, including those with disabilities, children with special needs, Internally Displaced People (IDPs), refugees, and children with psychosocial support requirements, potentially including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • Subcomponent 3: Increasing access to education for children with disabilities through the collection of baseline data, updating legislation and the curriculum, capacity building and awareness-raising.

  • Subcomponent 4: Raising the quality of education through enhanced quality assurance of schools against standards.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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