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United Nations hiring Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Adviser

Washington, United States of America, 29 April 2016


The GPSURR Global Unit supports knowledge generation and exchange across the global practice through research, global advocacy, and knowledge sharing. It also performs important corporate functions including portfolio monitoring, corporate reviews, and briefings to management. The unit has a dedicated team to partnerships and trust fund management. The GPSURR Global Unit also includes a dedicated team on social safeguards in Bank operations.

Within the GP SURR global unit, social development teams focus on the need to ‘put people first’ in development processes. Poor people’s voices tell us that poverty is more than low income. It is also about vulnerability, exclusion and isolation, unaccountable institutions, powerlessness, and exposure to violence. As such, efforts to overcome poverty must not just get economic policies right. They must also promote social development, which empowers people by creating more inclusive, cohesive, accountable and resilient institutions and societies.

The key thematic lines of work for the social development team are: (a) social inclusion, (b) fragility, conflict and violence; (c) community-driven development; (d) social accountability, and (e) social sustainability and safeguards, including issues related to Involuntary Resettlement and Indigenous Peoples.

The social development team also includes a few Advisers on important issues such as Disability and Development and Indigenous Peoples, who work across the Bank to promote the respective agendas they are responsible for.

Given the importance of promoting inclusion of LGBTI people in the development process, and to ensure that development programs do not discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, the World Bank is now creating a new position of Adviser, SOGI. The position will be based in the GP SURR Global Unit, and the selected candidate will work closely with the SOGI Task Force (a group of staff from GPs, CCSAs and CMUs, formed to promote the SOGI agenda across the institution), other parts of GPSURR, other GPs, CCSA, Regions and with other parts of the institution, to help advance the work on LGBTI-inclusive development.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

Duties and accountabilities

The Adviser, SOGI issues:

  • Serves as a global lead technical specialist on SOGI issues, advising management and staff on strategy, policy and operational issues related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex (LGBTI)-inclusive development. The Adviser will be an expert of the type of exclusion and issues faced by LGBTI (and queer) groups and their link to development.

  • Influences the design and execution of major policy and/or research initiatives; conceives, develops and promotes innovations in Bank policies, project design, organization and management to improve Bank-supported projects and practices on SOGI issues.

  • Facilitates and organizes intra/inter-practice teams, international experts, etc. to debate and exchanges ideas on issues related to LGBTI-inclusive development.

  • Leads and/or participates in ground-breaking or precedent-setting missions and plays key role in developing innovative practical approaches to difficult policy and operational issues and regional, country, or practice levels.

  • Serves as focal point or spokesperson on sector issues and LGBTI issues to clients, civil society organizations, and other external constituencies and expert groups.

  • Oversees preparation or produces a range of key policy papers, practice/technical reports, etc.

  • Monitors practice work to ensure overall quality of products.

  • Plays a key role in the flow of knowledge and expertise across the Bank’s operational regions and global practices on LGBTI issues.

  • Develops and builds client relations at senior levels and plays a promotional role in generating new business for the Bank.

  • Develops and nourishes global partnerships and collaboration on LGBTI-inclusive development.

  • Plays significant role within the practice in guiding/mentoring and is key contributor in design of professional and operational training or development activities in field of expertise.

  • Is involved in developing approaches to address SOGI issues in operations.

Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Leading the Bank-wide program to address exclusion based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) including the following functions: Conceptualizing a SOGI Inclusion framework for the World Bank Group. Lead (i) the development of a research agenda for the WB on issues pertaining to pathways to social and economic exclusion of LGBTI people; (ii) the production of analysis articulating Bank policy on SOGI and development, and the role that the Bank should play, (iii) the preparation of a range of key policy papers, sector/technical reports, global baseline studies relevant to LGBT population realities; (iv) the reflection on how to more systematically embed SOGI issues into the Bank's broader research agenda; (v) the dissemination efforts of research produced by the Bank and its partners on the topic; Build awareness among World Bank staff of LGBTI issues, and their capacity to address SOGI issues in projects, analytical, and policy work. Coordinating with the SOGI Task Force, an internal group including Directors, Managers, and technical staff that is spearheading and supporting SOGI inclusion in the World Bank’s work.

  • Leading coordination with external stakeholders and World Bank Group partners on LGBTI issues and SOGI inclusion: Promote successful interface with Civil Society Organizations working on LGBTI issues. Demonstrate the Bank’s comparative advantage and convening power and establish genuine collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. Representing the Bank in external Conferences and Events as appropriate. Ensure productive partnerships with other multilateral institutions and the United Nations System to promote LGBTI inclusion as a development issue.

  • Overseeing the inclusion of SOGI issues in country level social analysis and in World Bank’s Operations, working closely with the other teams in the global practices and CCSAs. Overseeing social issues content in core analytical work (for instance Systematic Country Diagnostics).

  • Joining the Core Management Team for the Global Social Unit, attending management meetings, supporting - and on request from the practice Directors, leading - key departmental tasks (e.g. recruitment, policy engagement and quality control).

  • Leading and providing advice on key operational innovations, including in development policy and sector-wide investment lending.

  • Providing high value-added support to key operations and strategies that further social development, especially on LGBTI issues.

  • Providing high-level conceptual and analytical leadership in key areas of the SOGI policy agenda – coordinating closely with key partners across the Bank and externally.

  • Taking a leadership role in corporate reviews and quality enhancement within GPSURR – including leading elements of the process and carrying out reviews of significant strategic documents.

  • Mobilize funding from both public and private sources in support of this work program, to complement World Bank Group resources allocated to it.


Submission Deadline: 16 May 2015

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