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Media Services: Online Communication Consultancy

Dublin, Ireland, 29 June 2017


In accordance with the provisions of the Treaty of the European Union (EU), Directorate-General for Communication ("DG COMM") of the European Commission ("The Commission") has the specific task of informing the media and the citizens of the activities of the Commission and to communicate the objectives and goals of its policies and actions; while at the same time informing the Commission of the evolution of opinion in the Member States.

In order to accomplish its mission, DG COMM co-ordinates the activities of the Representations in the Member States, centralises all contacts with the media, and seeks to ensure a coherent approach to communication and information issues within the Commission. This involves contacts with Directorates-General and Services within the Commission that have Information Units responsible for sectoral information.

DG COMM conducts information and communication activities on EU policy decisions and their consequences as part of the Commission's information and communication strategy, which is intended to increase EU citizen's understanding of EU policies and issues.

Based on these centrally defined priorities, each Representation identifies national EU-related issues of particular interest.
These initiatives need to be implemented taking the Irish situation and the perceptions of the Irish public into account.

The information and communication activities of the Representation are carried out within the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the European Commission Representation in Ireland, The European Parliament Information Office in Ireland and the Irish Government. The principles of the Representation's activities are: the need to listen, to engage in two way communication and to "go local" by adapting messages to particular circumstances.


In the framework of its communication policy, the Commission Representation in Ireland organises a range of activities for the general public to explain the EU, its policies and its Institutions.

Services required

This tender seeks the assistance of suitably qualified service providers and/or services provided by individual experts in the implementation and evaluation of the European Commission's communication policies.

The aim is to make the activities, objectives and policies of the Commission better known to the general public via the media, especially social media and the internet. The services provided need to promote the relevance of the EU to ordinary people's lives and to focus especially on EU activities with a local dimension and relevance for given target groups.

The contractor should take into account the Commission's existing websites and social media platforms. The contractor needs to take into account that there are currently limited possibilities to change the Representation's own website http://ec.europa.eu/ireland/ the structure and content of which are largely determined centrally. The Representation's social media currently is focused on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/EUIreland and Twitter: https://twitter.com/eurireland .


The total value for this tender is maximum 42,000.00 EUR per year, and maximum 168,000.00 EUR over four years, reimbursement of expenses included, VAT and price revision excluded.

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