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GIZ recruiting International Hospital Management Expert

Athens, Greece, 29 July 2013

As a federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development.

Field of activity

In September 2012 the Greek Ministry of Health launched the initiative “Health in Action” with the aim of developing a specific structure, process and tools in order to manage efficiently and effectively the reforms in the NHS. In support of the implementation of structural reforms in the health sector in Greece a Roadmap and detailed Action Plans has been developed.

The reform process reflects the Greek Government’s strategy to move further towards an efficient and effective health system.

The HiA Initiative stresses the significance of the Government’s commitment and determination to implement this Roadmap. For such an undertaking, adequate funding and resources are a prerequisite for success. In addition, in March 2013 the Ministry of Health has identified Public Health as priority area for reforms and provision of technical assistance. Under the WHO Health Reform Support Programme 2013-2015 in the framework of Health in Action Initiative detailed action and reform activities are foreseen in a.o. the strategic fields of Hospital Management and Diagnostic Related Groups (DRG).


The Hospital Management Specialist and Coordinator will oversee the delivery of Hospital Management Component, providing direct advice and assistance to MoH and the pilot hospitals, with the support of short-term experts, as appropriate.

Assignment period

Mid-September / October 2013 - June 2015.

Deadline: 11 August 2013

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