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UNDP recruiting Education Adviser

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 29 October 2013


Enabled by a sustained high level of oil revenues and a solid fiscal position, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been able to accelerate its social and economic development, particularly during the period of the on-going Ninth National Development Plan (9thNDP; 2010-14). While all economic and social sectors benefited from this improved fiscal stance, sectors with the greater impact on human development have been the main beneficiaries, in line with 9thNDP priorities and government directives.

Saudi Arabia has made good progress in recent years with rise in Human Development Index (HDI) to 0.752 by 2010 placing it in High Human Development category. As per the 2010 Global Human Development Report, KSA stood as 5th Top Mover in HDI improvements and 3rd Top Mover for non-income HDI from 1970-2010. According to the 2012 National MDG Report, ten of eleven MDG targets have been or would be reached by 2015. Notwithstanding these notable achievements, there are significant challenges to sustaining development trends and effective services beyond 2015. As such KSA seeks to formulate its next 10th NDP (2015-2019) in a way that can develop and implement sustainable models of development.

A new project on Human Development Policy and Planning has been launched in 2013 with a key focus on enhancing the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of public services. Through the new UNDP project, a team of senior advisors in different specialization will be mobilized to provide substantive and technical support to the Government in its policy analysis and strategic planning efforts, including formulating the 10th National Development Plan for launch in 2015.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Education Adviser will report to the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, as first supervisor; and as a Project Funded Post will also liaise closely with the National Project Manager, as a second supervisor. Through the NPM, the advisor will liaise with the concerned units within the Government and other related department, ministries and development agencies.

Key Result 1 – Advisory support to strategic planning on education:

  • Formulate strategies and plans for the enhancement of the effectiveness of general education (primary, elementary, intermediate, and secondary education), raising efficiency, and insuring financial sustainability;

  • Assist in the evaluation of general education services and the preparation of the annual follow-up report on the general education sector;

  • Provide technical assistance to the design and implementation of a National Education Information System;

  • Prepare the General Education Sector's Policy Paper for the 10th National Development Plan (10th NDP);

  • Support the preparation of the 10thNDP Operational Plan for the General Education Sector, and the drafting of the 10th NDP Document;

  • Participate in studies, analysis and formulation of objectives, policies and programs related to the general education sector.

Key Result 2 – Support to enhanced indicator and monitoring systems:

  • Prepare Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the general education sector to measure and monitor the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of education services;

  • Support the incorporation of the KPIs into the Plan Follow-up System, and the Sector and National Data Bases.

Key Result 3 – Support to capacity development for the Government:

  • Conduct workshops and seminars on the strategies and plans of the general education sector for all stakeholders with the aim of developing consensus around them;

  • Provide on-the-job training to the national staff of the Education Department at the Government on all aspects of education sector development & management;

  • And, undertake such other tasks relating to the education sector as requested by UNDP and the Government.

Deadline: 17 November 2013

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