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EBRD recruiting 7 Associates in Office of the General Counsel

London, United Kingdom, 30 January 2014


The EBRD’s Office of the General Counsel is at the core of EBRD’s challenging mandate to support the transition process in the 34 emerging markets of central and eastern Europe, including the Russian Federation, central Asia, Mongolia, Turkey and of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED), including Egypt, Jordan, Morocoo, Tunisia. It handles all legal aspects of the EBRD’s lending and investment transactions, provides legal advice for institutional and administrative matters, and implements a legal technical assistance programme to support the legal transition process in the region.

The Bank is seeking seven outstanding new lawyers for its legal department (Office of the General Counsel) to join the department’s Associate Programme. Associates have the opportunity to contribute appropriate country, language and academic knowledge, and to gain experience by working in one of three units in the Office of General Counsel to facilitate the EBRD’s work in its region.

These roles will be based in London, with the exception of one Banking role to be based in Moscow.

Successful candidates will be offered a 2 year contract, beginning on or around 26 August 2014, allowing them to benefit from training in relevant legal and transaction skills. 

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables

The three units where new Associates will work are as follows:

  • Banking Operations (5 Associates): Handles legal aspects of the Bank's lending and investment transactions in EBRD's region.

  • Institutional & Co-financing (1 Associate): Provides legal advice, among others, regarding EBRD’s privileges and immunities as an international organisation, administrative matters, headquarters and resident office issues; and EBRD’s membership.

  • Legal Transition (1 Associate): Provides legal assistance to improve the investment climate in the Bank's countries of operations. The programme focuses on assessment work and technical assistance with a view to developing legal rules and establishing legal institutions that are essential for a vibrant market-oriented economy.

Deadline:  5 February 2014

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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