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United Nations hiring Director of Regional Information Centre

Brussels, Belgium, 30 January 2015


The United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) is part of the global network of United Nations Information Centres (UNICs), which are the principal source of information about the United Nations system in the countries where they are located. UNICs are responsible for promoting public understanding and support for the aims and activities of the United Nations by disseminating UN information materials to a local audience in local language; engaging local and regional partners; and, overall, bringing the United Nations closer to the people it serves.


Within delegated authority, the incumbent is responsible for the following duties:

  • Lead, supervise and carry out the work programme of the United Nations Regional Information Centre (UNRIC); co-ordinate, strategise and ensure cohesion across the communications work carried out by the nine UNRIC Desk Officers , by other agencies and bodies of the United Nations system in the work region, and in working with the institutions of the European Union (EU); undertake or oversee the programmatic and/or administrative tasks necessary for the functioning of a large information centre, including preparation of budgets, reporting on budget/programme performance, recruitment of staff and evaluation of staff performance; manage, guide, develop and train staff under his or her supervision; foster teamwork and communication among staff in the information centre and across organizational boundaries.

  • Maintain high-level contacts on public information matters with the institutions of the EU, including the European Commission and the European Parliament to enable UNRIC to emphasise the “Europe-wide angle” of the messages it disseminates throughout the region; coordinate regional work programmes and communication campaigns with the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) in Geneva and in Vienna, as needed.

  • Conceptualize, design and execute the overall public information strategy, programme and activities of the Department in the work region; develop institutional public relations policies with the respective partners within the institutions of the EU; lead and supervise the assessment of the overall effectiveness of the public information strategy and programmes; supervise the development of high profile multi-media communications campaigns; set quality and production standards for information dissemination; approve the preparation, from research to publication, of UN newsletters, periodicals, reports and books; supervise the creation and maintenance of networks of high level communications contacts with members of media, governmental agencies, international organizations, civil society, educational institutions, and members of the creative community in the work region.

  • Provide diverse materials (briefings, speeches, questions and answers, etc.), technical and policy advice on highly complex public information and communication issues related to the operation of a large information centre to the Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information and other UN senior officials; provide Headquarters with media reports regarding highly complex conditions and public attitudes towards the UN in the work region; ensure that the policies and activities of the UN are conveyed accurately and promptly, within highly complex political, substantive and/or operational situations, to the national authorities.

  • Conduct highly sensitive political liaison work in the region of responsibility; lead and supervise activities to promote and coordinate the communications and public information aspect of visits by the Secretary-General, UN senior officials, and/or UN delegations to the work region, including the visits of UN senior officials to EU institutions; serve as lead spokesperson for highly complex public information programmes.

  • Ensure that the outputs produced by a large information centre maintain high-quality standards and comply with the relevant mandates of the Department; that reports are clear, timely, objective and based on comprehensive data; report to intergovernmental bodies on programmatic and/or substantive issues, as appropriate, particularly those presented in biannual and/or annual reports; present position papers and reports to intergovernmental bodies, as appropriate.

  • Manage the promotion of joint public relations ventures between the Department and UN programmes and organs in the work region, including partners within the institutions of the EU; conceptualise a strategy for strengthening the public information capacity of the Organization in the work region, and vis-à-vis the institutions of the EU, as the Chair of the United Nations Communications Group (UNCG); lead communications support to the UNCG and other UN programmes and organs based in the work region; serve as chairperson of the UNCG.

  • Supervise the organization of meetings, seminars, etc. on substantive issues in the work region; lead international, regional or national meetings, supervising programmatic and/or substantive and organizational discussions with representatives of other institutions; represent a large information centre at international, regional or national meetings in addition to representing the centre at interagency meetings, seminars, etc. on substantive-related issues.

  • Perform other relevant duties and special functions, as required by Headquarters.

Deadline: 15 March 2015

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