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UNDP recruiting Parliamentary Development Officer

Brussels, Belgium, 30 May 2016


UNDP's parliamentary development portfolio comprises activities rooted at the global, regional and national levels.  Strategic support to national parliaments, promoting inclusive and participative political institutions and engaging parliaments on the SDGs and the climate change agenda are at the core of UNDP's activities, with a dedicated focus on women and youth. At the regional level, UNDP supports parliamentary working groups to develop new avenues for dialogue on sensitive topics and agree on regional benchmarks. Globally, web-based social networks invite the exchange of information and ideas.

The AGORA Portal for Parliamentary Development (www.agora-parl.org) was created to take up the crucial task of facilitating cooperation, increasing access to knowledge and providing a platform for the exchange of practices and experiences in parliamentary development. The AGORA Portal aims to centralize knowledge and unite parliamentary development actors and stakeholders in an interactive community of practice to reinforce the sharing of expertise and experience, and with a view to providing comprehensive and tailored knowledge management services.

First launched in 2010, AGORA has established a strong presence and continues to experience a steady growth in content creation, visitor numbers and interactions.  To meet the growing needs for knowledge management support, and to facilitate the maintenance of the Portal and the partnership, AGORA is recruiting a Parliamentary Development Officer.   He/She will support the Knowledge Manager in maintaining the AGORA Portal and its sub-Portals, liaising with partners, and responding to knowledge management requests as required.  He/She will also be responsible for research and policy analysis, in particular on energy and environment, and for the further strengthening and enlargement of the AGORA network.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Parliamentary Development Officer will be responsible for AGORA’s overall knowledge management.  This includes management of the network, and content creation and coordination for the Portal and its sub-portals.


The Parliamentary Development Officer will   

  • Ensure the AGORA Portal and its sub-Portals – including the Portuguese Corner – are fully functional and provide regular and high-quality information relevant to AGORA’s network;

  • Support the Project Manager in maintaining and enlarging AGORA’s global network;

  • Liaise with IT to ensure a secure, bug-free Portal for optimal user experience, and to develop new features and functionalities when requested;

  • Provide technical backstopping and substantive support to the Pro PALOP-TL SAI project by conducting research on relevant issues, in particular the budget cycle, civic engagement, and energy and environment.

Key Functions

Under the supervision of the AGORA Project Manager, the Consultant will:


  • Maintain a fully functional AGORA Portal in all available languages, across all existing features;

  • Support the development and implementation of a knowledge management strategy for the AGORA Portal and its Portuguese tools/products;

  • Ensure AGORA’s E-learning Portal is fully functional in all available languages;

  • Manage AGORA’s Climate Portal and Extractive Industries Portal, with a view to supporting parliamentary action on sustainable development;

  • Test and launch the Portuguese version of the Extractive Industries Portal, duplicating all functionalities that currently exist for the EN/FR/AR versions;

  • Draft newsletter and briefs on emerging trends in parliamentary development, including (but not limited to) civic engagement, open budgets and implementation of the Paris Agreement;

  • Additional support as required by the Project Manager. 

Expected Outputs:

  • Fully functional AGORA Portal in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese;

  • Fully functional Portuguese Corner, with additional features and functionalities as required;

  • Fully functional E-learning corner, with day-to-day support for users; 

  • Extractive Industries Portal launched in Portuguese;

  • Updated Climate Portal and Extractive Industries Portal, providing relevant information and analyses for parliamentary action on energy and environment;

  • High quality research and analysis (blogs, policy briefs and briefing notes) on parliamentary development as it relates to topics such as energy and environment, civic engagement, and open budgets.

The expected outputs should be delivered by the foreseen end date of this contract: December 31st 2016.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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