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International Consultancy - IT Application Manager

ASEAN, 30 June 2014

IBF International Consulting

IBF International Consulting was founded in Belgium in 1977. The company works on projects financed by international organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, both in developing and transitional economies. IBF has built a recognised reputation for its knowledge, flexibility, creativity, and ability to successfully implement projects within its core sectors; these are education, economic development, social reforms, institutional support, and consumer protection. Based in Brussels, the annual turnover varies between 15 and 20 million Euro and they currently employ 35 full time staff and over 250 experts in the field.

Job Description

IBF is looking to recruit Key Expert 2 – IT Application Manager to work on " TA for developing the computerised system for the ASEAN customs transit system (ACTS)"project.

The project is estimated to start in November 2014. The maximum duration of the assignment is 440 days over the period of 24 months.

Deadline:  11 July 2014

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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