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Tender: Establishment of Enterprise Risk Management System

Denmark, 30 June 2015


The consultancy services will support the Organization's efforts in establishing and embedding Enterprise Risk Management.

The aim of the ERM programme is to establish an Enterprise Risk Management system within the Organization or - with other words - to establish a set of coordinated activities to direct and control the organisation with regard to risk.

Once established, the Enterprise Risk Management Model is expected to:

  • Provide assurance to the organization's management the business goals are achieved;

  • Offer a coherent methodology for risk management;

  • Improve planning, programming and desicion making and their impelmentation;

  • Support the Capital Allocation (ex ante) and the Performance Evaluation (ex post) through the implementation of the quantitative enterprise risk management approach (business cases, scenario analysis, risk self-assessment techniques);

  • Evaluate the Risk Exposure of the Organization at all levels (corporate, regional, country project);

  • Make risk management an integral part of achieving an organizational objectives and contributing to the value creation;

  • Allow senior management to identify and prioritize key risks using an organization-wide portfolio view of the risks;

  • Improve the senior management's ability to understand, identify and proactively manage risks;

  • Help Organization in identifying common and cross-cutting risks and improve cross-departamental discussion.

Submission Deadline: 14 July 2015

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