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Tender: Licensed Career Guidance Self-assessment Test for Ukrainian School Students

Ukraine, 30 July 2015


United Nations is looking for the Company, which is a self-assessment test developer, owner of copyright or intermediary in Ukraine to provide existing self-assessment career-guidance test specifically designed to meet the needs of school students ages 14-15 in Ukraine.


Test requirements

The career guidance self-assessment test should meet the following criteria:

  • Be in Ukrainian language

  • Be developed and/adapted or revised less than 5 years ago

  • Be on-line or transformable into an on-line format

  • If the proposed product is an adaptation for Ukraine, copyrights must be available in Ukraine

  • Measure the range of factors, which define professional orientation (skills, interests, personality etc.)

  • Give recommendations for the area of future occupation/career choice and direction for the education, that can be easily understood by the end user (high school student)

  • Have high internal statistically proven consistency between questions in the grids – the questions of one grid should measure the same factor from different angles

  • Ensure possibility to train experts to interpret results and have the trainers available (training itself is not a part of this assignment)

  • Produce end reports that can be understood and interpreted by the student

  • The intellectual property rights and usage permission should be obtained from the rights holder and granted to United Nations Ukraine till December 2016

Adaptation requirements

  • Sample at least 1000 people for an adaptation of international test and at least 5 000 people for the test developed in Ukraine

  • The sample should be stratified by sex, age and geographical location

  • Test developer/provider should provide information on psychological and statistical

  • methodology, applied during the process of test development/adaptation and confirmation of its scientific validity

Usability requirements

  • Test should be made accessible from the on-line platform www.mycareer.org.ua

  • The test should be modern, intuitive and easy-to-use as per defined age group (14-15)

  • The maximum duration of the test should not exceed 2.5 hours or vary in this time range

  • Test should be designed in a way that it can be taken from home with access to computer and internet without any further assistance.


Submission Deadline: 5 August 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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