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International Organisation hiring Research Specialist

New York, United States of America, 30 October 2014


The mission of the Human Development Report Office (HDRO) is to advance human development globally. The goal is to contribute towards the expansion of human choices for freedom. The Office works towards this goal by promoting innovative new ideas, advocating practical policy changes, and constructively challenging policies and approaches that constrain human development. It works with others to achieve change through writing and research, data analysis and presentation, support to national and regional analysis and outreach and advocacy work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Within the overall vision and the structure of HDRO, the Research Specialist, under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Policy Adviser, will contribute to the intellectual thinking of human development issues and paradigm; to the substantive work of the HDRs; to the work on human development measurements and the statistical outreach; and to the overall work of HDRO.

 Summary of key functions:

  • Research and intellectual work on human development issues;

  • Contributions to writings of the HDRs;

  • Work on the human development measurements;

  • Contributions to the overall work of HDRO.

Research and intellectual work on human development issues (25%)

  • Undertake research on conceptual and methodological areas of human development;

  • Develop and maintain close research collaboration with academics, and researchers in various universities and research institutions as well as in the UN system;

  • Develop contributions to the report into papers suitable for submission to professional conferences and academic journals.

Contributions to the writings of the HDRs To undertake research writing and outreach on human development (35%)

  • Contribute to the formulation of the theme and the structure of the HDRs brainstorming meetings and in-house discussions on various aspects of the Report development;

  • Contribute to the conceptual and practical organization of conferences, workshops and meetings designed to inform the development process of the report;

  • Provide background research for HDR: draft short memos, produce research notes, country and case studies;

  • Draft sections of the HDRs;

  • Identify and liaise with background paper authors, draft terms of reference for background research, comment on the contributions received from them and integrate them in the chapters of the Report;

  • Monitor and keep record of the work of the research team with the comments received from the UNDP Readers Group, Advisory Panel, Regional Bureaus and others;

  • Contribute to the finalization of the Report by interacting with the editing and the production teams, including participating in various rounds of proofreading of chapter drafts, fact-checking, ensuring consistency of data used throughout the report, checking for proper referencing of statistical data as well as performing other proofreading tasks that might be necessary;

  • Assist in the global launch of the HDR as requested, taking part in presentations to various audiences including training of UNDP staff on HDI issues;

  • Network with civil society organizations to advocate the messages of the Report.

Contribute to human development measurements and statistical information outreach (20%)

  • Work on human development measurements and data;

  • Prepare materials for the launch of the global Report and other HDRO activities, including country fact sheets and briefing materials especially related to statistics and analysis;

  • Respond to requests from media, government, UN, UNDP Regional Bureaux and Country Offices, and other external queries on measurements and data both at the time of the launch of HDR and on an on-going basis;

  • Work with national and international statistical agencies and UNDP Regional Bureaux and Country Offices to enhance the general understanding of the use of statistics in the Report and to improve the international data availability and reliability of basic human development indicators.

Cooperation with other units of HDRO (10%)

  • Liaise with the statistics team on consistency between the report’s key objectives and the statistics used in the analysis;

  • Liaise with the outreach team on the conceptualization of components for HDRO knowledge management that expand and support outreach efforts and increase access to and dissemination of HDRO materials;

  • Contribute to the review and substantive assessment of national and regional HDR and the organization of discussions through the human development network;

  • Contribute to the preparation of communications materials;

  • Participate in launch of the HDR and make presentations.

Submission Deadline: 5 November 2014

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