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International Organisation hiring Senior eLearning Expert

Brussels, Belgium, 30 November 2015


OCTA Innovation supports innovative and creative business ideas and practices at the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) for the purpose of sustainable economic development and growth. With broad range of economic development, resources, human capacity; one thing that is common between OCTs is distance from learning centers and hampered access to the latest knowledge and skill learning. Although new IT technologies increase opportunities for learning and knowledge exchange, this is not universal across the OCTs as it is still subject to available hardware and internet capacity.

Objective of OCTA Innovation distance education initiative is to ensure practical adult learning to all interested regardless their technical capacity, from the most advanced eLearning online techniques and mLearning via mobile technologies and smartphones, to correspondence courses.

Specific purpose

To lead distance learning initiative and establish learning processes


The expert will be in charge of developing methodologies and techniques of vocational education and training, including life-long learning, skills development conducted via distance learning, internet based and eLearning technologies. This will be inclusive of vocational training and executive education, as learners will have a broad range of education background.

The Senior eLearning Expert will lead in:

  • establishing a flexible and open teaching methodologies comprising of principles and methods used for instruction of practical business, administrative, accounting skills to be integrated in the collaborative platform.

  • evaluation of OCT-specific educational needs and adaptation of distance teaching methods and tools and in support of OCT-based learners.

  • advice and support on scoring and accreditation system.

  • establishing cooperation with on-island and off-island colleges, universities, and training institutions, with objective of practical support; considering eventual subsequent accreditation of OCTA Education courses.

  • coordination and corroboration in subcontracting eLearning tools (programmes, hardware and video services).

  • Support and coaching of development of education based OCT project(s).


  • Distance learning methodology, practices and tools to be integrated in the collaborative platform

  • Support the OCTA Innovation ePlatform components for distance learning and eLearning.

  • Working with OCT(s) where education will be one of their priorities in their territorial innovation strategy.

  • A report on the best practice in innovative learning for OCTs.

Job duration

30 working days (15 days development, 15 days missions)

Submission Deadline:  19 December 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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