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GFA Consulting Group hiring Business Management/ IT Expert

Brussels, Belgium, 30 December 2013

Project Title

Support to quality monitoring systems and methodologies of projects and programmes of European Commission External Assistance.

Project Description

EuropeAid has been setting up a number of tools and systems aiming at improving the quality of EC cooperation throughout the project cycle, including in particular the internal Quality Support Groups (QSG), the external Result Oriented Monitoring (ROM) and the reform of technical cooperation. In these different areas, EuropeAid continues to constantly improve its systems and tools. One of the challenges has been, and continues to be, to strengthen the links between the different stages, processes and their related methodologies in order to ensure coherent approaches throughout the project cycle.

All these activities are taken place under the responsibility of EuropeAid’s Unit A06 “Quality of delivery systems” which is the unit representing the Commission for the purpose of the assignment.

Appropriate IT systems and databases are key to ensure that quality data are available during all stages of the project cycle. Unit A2 is in charge of the development of such systems in relation to which it operates as system owner and business manager. It is currently developing the so called PCM (Project Cycle Management) Platform to address the IT needs of the operational management of the projects and programmes financed by EU external assistance. Ultimately, the system is meant to be a management tool and knowledge base for all projects and programmes and to contribute to institutional learning by making experience available and facilitating the identification of lessons learned.

The PCM platform is to provide a one-stop working environment for staff in Headquarters and EU Delegations containing the operational information and reporting on EU financed projects and programmes at all stages of the project cycle. It will be separate from but closely linked to the existing Common Relex Information System (CRIS) which contains all budgetary, financial and contractual information relating to projects and programmes. Thus, the PCM platform is going to be for operational managers what CRIS is for finance and contract staff. Some operational functions which are currently supported by modules in CRIS will be integrated in the different modules of the PCM platform.

Currently, three modules (Pipeline, QSG, Project Evaluation/ROM) are under development covering the preparation and quality assessment aspects of different parts of the project cycle. Two additional modules are foreseen (Programming and Implementation) that should allow covering the entire project cycle.

Unit A2, as the business manager of the PCM platform, has the responsibility to duly involve the users throughout the development and subsequent phases of the platform and to ensure that their needs and the required functionalities are duly reflected in the system. EuropeAid’s IT unit R6 is the project manager responsible for the delivery of the system and in charge of the contract with the external service provider involved in the development and subsequent phases of the platform.

Job Description

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Consult users to identify needs, define requirements, review analysis documents (use case etc) and interface layouts.

  • Ensure the coherence of the IT tools with methodological approaches of the Project and Programme Cycle.

  • Be part in the testing of the deliverables, namely the testing with end users, contribute to the training of trainers and end users and draft a roll-out strategy and ensuring the business side of its implementation.

  • The Business Management experts will work in DEVCO premises and report directly to the Head of Section in DEVCO A2.

Deadline:  5 January 2014

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