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International Organisation hiring Immigration and Border Management Thematic Specialist

Brussels, Belgium, 30 December 2015


Under the overall supervision of the Regional Director of the European Economic Area and the direct supervision of the Senior Regional Policy and Liaison Officer, the Immigration and Border Management Specialist (IBMS) acts as thematic resource person; monitors and analyzes regional and sub-regional IBM trends and dynamics; monitors developments of EU funded projects and EU led policy work in the area of competence; supports regional thematic project development; reviews and endorses projects related to his/her thematic area of expertise in the European Economic Area region. As delegated, the IBMS also review and endorse project reports.

The IBMS also supports, in coordination with the SRPLO/Head of the Policy and Programming Support Unit, RO Brussels’ liaison work by providing expert advice to the EU Institutions and EU Member States on International Organisation policies and activities in his/her thematic area.

The IBMS also supports elaborating, drafting and disseminating EU-led related policy and programming information, relevant to IBM portfolio, to International Organisation Headquarters and International Organisation Missions worldwide.

Core Functions / Responsibilities

  • Represent International Organisation in the region by actively participating in conferences, workshops and meetings related to the thematic area of expertise.

  • Present International Organisation policies and activities to EU institutions, EU Member States and other partner organizations and disseminating EU related policy and programming information to International Organisation Headquarters and International Organisation Missions worldwide.

  • Monitor developments of and identify emerging issues relevant to the thematic area and contribute to the development of thematic policy, position and or analysis paper and reports.

  • Coordinate with relevant units at HQs and the Regional Offices (ROs) as well as external counterparts with regard to the preparation of briefing materials for high-level meetings as required.

  • Participate in and actively contribute to International Organisation’s network of RTSs globally, analyze and share best practices with relevant HQ Divisions and COs.

  • At Regional level, map existing capacities (International Organisation related) and opportunities in view of increasing position and role – particularly on Humanitarian Border Management.

  • Develop regional thematic guidance notes, information sheets and policy documents in coordination with RO Brussels relevant units (MHD), the COs and relevant HQ Division(s).

  • Contribute to the delivery of quality thematic training to Governments and relevant counterparts as required by COs in the region.

  • Counsel the HoU and RD on liaison and partnership efforts with FRONTEX, Europol and other European agencies active in the IBM field.

  • In the area of competence and in close coordination with the Regional Programme Development Officer:

  • Assist designing of outreach & resource mobilization-liaison strategies; counsel on opportunities to engage in relevant regional and EU processes and planning cycles;

  • Provide EU-related thematic expertise to the development of EU-funded projects as needed and in close coordination with geographic desks in PPSU, Regional Offices and HQ;

  • Develop regional and multi-country programmes and projects in the thematic area in the European Economic Area and identify anticipated synergies between thematic areas. In close coordination with Regional Offices, HQ and RO Brussels External Team, support similar programming efforts at global level.

  • Provide thematic guidance to IBM focal points through sharing information and by providing general technical support upon request from the Field.

  • Act as a thematic resource person providing capacity building, training, and general support to Country Offices (CO) in the region. Contribute to building the capacities of International Organisation staff in the thematic area through a combination of formal training and on-the-job mentoring.

  • Review, endorse, and track project proposals developed by COs in the region, and provide regular updates to the concerned HQ Division on projects endorsed as necessary and required:. Ensure that all endorsed projects are:

  • consistent with the International Organisation Constitution, International Organisation Strategy and the Organization’s policies, thematic guidelines and manuals and any relevant national and/or regional strategies;

  • coherent, relevant, and feasible, and take into account good practices in the respective migration/thematic area(s);

  • developed according to International Organisation’s project development procedures as established in the International Organisation Handbook on Projects

  • Review and endorse narrative donor reports submitted by Country Offices, according to the procedures specified in the International Organisation Project Handbook.

  • Undertake duty travel relating to project development, monitoring of project implementation and liaison with EU donor counterparts as required.

  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Submission Deadline: 11 January 2015

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