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IAEA recruiting Consultant for Editorial and Communication Support for SGIS Projects

Vienna, Austria, 31 January 2017

Organizational Setting

The Department of Safeguards (SG) is the organizational hub for the implementation of IAEA safeguards. The IAEA implements nuclear verification activities for some 180 States in accordance with their safeguards agreements. The safeguards activities are undertaken within a dynamic and technically challenging environment including advanced nuclear fuel cycle facilities and complemented by the political diversity of the countries.

The Department of Safeguards consists of six Divisions: three Operations Divisions: A, B and C, for the implementation of verification activities around the world; three Technical Divisions: Division of Concepts and Planning, Division of Information Management, and Division of Technical and Scientific Services; as well as three Offices: the Office for Verification in Iran, the Office of Safeguards Analytical Services and the Office of Information and Communication Services.

Within the Department of Safeguards, the Office of Information and Communication Systems (SGIS) is the centre of competence for the specification, development and maintenance of information and communication technology (ICT) systems and for the management of all ICT infrastructure and services to support safeguards. In partnership with other organizational entities, SGIS is responsible for planning and implementing an ICT strategy as well as enforcing ICT standards.

Main Purpose

The consultant will provide written and editorial support to communication and policy writing for the Department of Safeguards.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Under the supervision of the Project Outreach Officer, the consultant will conduct a review of the IAEA website content for relevancy and accuracy. He/she will develop written content to replace out-of-date information and to communicate new Department of Safeguards messages via the IAEA website.

  • Under the supervision of the MOSAIC Programme Coordinator, the consultant will develop, draft, and edit written communication materials for the MOSAIC programme. Deliverables include a report to IAEA Board of Governors on the developments of the MOSAIC programme, and the initial drafting of a final report on the MOSAIC programme.

  • The consultant will assist the director of SGIS in reviewing existing information security documentation and developing further information security policies and procedures.

  • He/she will carry out information gathering to ascertain requirements and use a methodical approach, ensuring that the IAEA adopts best practices and procedures consistent with international standard ISO27002.

  • The consultant will collaborate with IAEA stakeholders to ensure that security arrangements are functional and meet expectations. Deliverables include a detailed review of current policy procedures against ISO27002 and the drafting of policy to address any identified shortfalls.

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