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Call for Proposals: Innovation and Change in Education VI

31 March 2015


The Turkish Cypriot community recognizes the fact that top quality education and training is vital if the community is to develop as a knowledge-based society and compete effectively in the globalising world economy.

According to a 2013 World Bank report, the northern part of Cyprus has a relatively high level of schooling. The gross secondary education enrolment rate is 96% and tertiary enrolment rate is 78%, which, according to the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce’s Competitiveness Report (2013-14), ranks the northern part of Cyprus rather well in educational attainment.

Since 2006, in the framework of the Council Regulation establishing an Instrument for Encouraging the Economic Development of the Turkish Cypriot community,, the European Commission has supported initiatives already underway to reform the Turkish Cypriot education sector and to raise the quality of primary and secondary education up to EU standards through the Technical assistance project to support the reform of the Primary and Secondary education (the ROPSE project).

After consultation of the main education stakeholders, a draft vision and strategy paper for an improved Turkish Cypriot education system in the northern part of Cyprus was prepared with the help of the EU funded ROPSE project. This paper suggests a set of 7 policies which included a real commitment to introduce methods in line with child/student centred teaching and learning in all schools as well as the need to review textbooks and teaching materials in order to provide an education based on integrated skills, critical thinking and problem solving activities.

In support of the education sector, the European Commission has also awarded 82 grants to pre-primary, primary and secondary schools with a total value of more than EUR3 million in five calls for proposals launched between spring 2008 and autumn 2013.

Additionally, an EU funded Technical Assistance project, the VETLAM project, has been implemented from February 2009 until February 2012, providing technical assistance to support the development and promotion of VET systems, lifelong learning and active labour market measures in the northern part of Cyprus. The VETLAM project has contributed to the creation of the link between education and labour market and therefore to increased employability through new skills and competencies.

The concept of lifelong learning is essential to the competitiveness of the knowledge economy. It applies to all levels of education and training and concerns all stages of life. Lifelong learning aims to provide citizens with tools for personal development, social integration and participation in the knowledge economy.

Lifelong learning programmes can contribute to human resource development and therefore to economic development if they are structured based on the needs of the industry. It can be used as a tool for improving employment by targeting the upgrading of the labour market, by providing new sets of skills and competencies, based on the changing needs of the economy. Even though the community has undertaken to reform its education system, Turkish Cypriots are relatively new to the concept of lifelong learning.

In order to further contribute to human resource development and therefore economic development, this call for proposal is designed to target not only schools but also lifelong learning organisations.


The global objective of the call is to enhance education and lifelong learning opportunities in the northern part of Cyprus, with a more holistic approach to allow for full participation of individuals in society, as well as allowing for innovation and creativity, and promotion of skills and "key competencies" which are vital in a knowledge based society.

The specific objective (s) of this Call for Proposals are:

Lot 1: Innovation and Change in Schools

  • Improving the quality and efficiency of education and training: Improving child-centred learning capacity with focus on key competencies; Improving teaching capacity in line with global and EU trends through teacher's training programmes

  • Promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship: Fostering further learning, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue; Promoting joint projects between Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot schools in order to foster reconciliation between the two communities

Lot 2: Improving Employability

  • Making lifelong learning a reality: Enhancing lifelong learning opportunities including training and re-training of unemployed and employed to contribute to competitiveness and employability

  • Enhancing Entrepreneurship: Improving entrepreneurial skills by enhancing creativity and innovation, at all levels of education and training

The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 1,500,000. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to award all available funds.


Submission Deadline: 24 June 2015

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