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Tender: De-risking Renewable Energy Investment Analysis, Report for Wind and Solar Photovoltaic Technologies

Lebanon, 31 March 2016


The consultancy will be structured under two activities: (1) DREI analysis and (2) DREI report. These activities will be performed under the supervision of the Low Emission Capacity Building project, located at the Ministry of Environment and the Small Decentralized Renewable Energy Power Generation project, located at the Ministry of Energy and Water, in coordination with the CEDRO team. The consultancy firm will be supported by a National Consultant (to be recruited by the UNDP Lebanon).


Work Plan

In the proposal, the Contractor is requested to provide a preliminary proposed project work plan covering all the activities described below (a GANTT chart showing detailed list of tasks, duration and schedule per task and allocated resources per task shall be included in the bid). It shall also include the Contractor’s resources as well as other dependencies which affect the project duration. In that respect, the plan shall clearly specify the input (human resources, material etc.) that the Contractor will have to ensure at each phase of the assignment. Upon contract award, the Contractor shall provide UNDP with a revised project work plan, if necessary. Once agreed upon, the new plan shall be adopted and shall form the basis for project supervision and monitoring.

Activity requirements

Under the direct supervision of the project management team, the Contractor’s responsibilities are, but not limited to, the following:

  • Activity 1: DREI Analysis for wind and solar PV in Lebanon [Estimated: approx. 30 days] Stage 1: Risk environment [Estimated: approx. 20 days]

  • Activity 2: Preparation of a DREI Report for wind and solar Investment in Lebanon [Estimated: approx. 15 days].


All deliverables should be handed out in three hard copies as well as one soft copy (word format) and a PDF format for web publishing. Copies of high resolution maps and graphics (if any) should also be handed out to the project management team.

During the fulfilment of the assignment, the Contractor will ensure regular communication with the project team, and will ensure a timely delivery of the expected outputs and will regularly inform the project team of the progress as well as any obstacles that might occur. The following deliverables are requested:

Final Outputs:

  • Completed DREI financing cost tool, including interview data (quantitative and qualitative)

  • Completed DREI LCOE tool

  • Completed DREI instrument cost tool

  • Document summarizing rationale and sources for data and assumptions

  • Report in Microsoft Word

  • Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format

  • Review of designer’s report in English to be submitted to printers.


Submission Deadline: 11 April 2016

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