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Study: Enhancing the Attractiveness of European Higher Education

Brussels, Belgium, 31 July 2017

Overall objectives

  • To help strengthen the profile of the entire range of European higher education on the world stage, and of EU-funded opportunities, making these more visible and accessible to mobile learners and academics.

  • This will in turn assist the international dimension of the key role that higher education plays in the EU's strategy to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Specific objectives

  • To improve the availability of targeted information on study and research opportunities in European Programme Countries, presenting its quality and diversity as a study destination.

  • To strengthen the promotional expertise among European higher education institutions and agencies, and offer additional promotional opportunities for all European study destinations.

Results to be achieved

The project seeks to meet these objectives through a range of activities, which should result in the following:

  • Organisation of six study fairs with a clear European profile, involving institutions and promotional agencies from Programme Countries.

  • Update and maintenance of content on the Study in Europe portal to guide potential students towards more specific information about studying in a Europe, and studying in a particular European country; strategically link this to other sites.

  • Provide promotional materials for events and activities organised under this contract.

  • Exploit on-line resources using social networking platforms to promote opportunities and link into Fairs

Objective of the contract

The above activities require a range of targeted expertise, experience and presence in the higher education market, a range of specific skills and competences, and substantial financial and human resources. It is therefore proposed to package these activities within a contract to be concluded following this call for tender.

These services and outputs have been designed as a package to enhance the visibility of European higher education in the world (i.e. outside Europe). In order to maximise the impact of these contract components, both individually and together, the contractor is expected to have a strong understanding and experience of promotion in general and in the higher education area in particular.

This understanding for example will have to be demonstrated in the choice of activities, their scope and their location.

General objective of the contract

To provide the Commission with the expertise and resources to promote European higher education and EU higher education programmes in the world.

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