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Business Services

ECN has developed a range of business services available to its members. These services are designed to improve your performance as a consultancy or individual expert, and to prepare for future professional challenges.

We know from experience that smaller companies, or consultants who work the majority of their time internationally, have specific tax planning and insurance requirements, and often do not have the time to address these issues with the attention they require.

ECN has negotiated a range of preferential agreements for its members with reliable, internationally-recognised service providers.


Corporate Registration & Management

ECN provides company registration and annual management services based in Cyprus. With a 12.5% income tax rate, Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union. Cyprus is an excellent location for consultants and professional services organisations. Enjoy the benefits of an EU limited liability company at the lowest cost available.
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International Health Insurance

For consultants working internationally, expatriate health insurance is a major concern. ECN has partnered with BUPA International, one of the leaders in the health insurance field, to offer its members discounted rates on international insurance.
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International Travel Insurance

If you are a frequent traveller, travel insurance is a must. ECN has negotiated preferential rates with IAPA, the International Airline Passengers Association, for ECN members.
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