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EU Networking


A common challenge faced by consultancies, universities, chambers of commerce and other partners is the need to identify and sub-contract experts for a wide variety of project positions and competencies. This requires the maintainance of a large database of expert CVs, which is usually an expensive and time-consuming process. In order to be truly effective, databases of over 2,000 experts are the norm, and even these may not be sufficient to address the wide range of expertise required by the European Union.

This challenge extends into the identification of qualified organisations to serve as consortium partners. Whether you are looking for a local consultancy in Croatia for a EuropeAid project, or a research beneficiary in Portugal for a renewable energy project, it’s not enough to simply do a Google search. A common classification of references and competencies is necessary to really demonstrate the suitability of a consortium partner.

ECN streamlines the task of finding experts and organisational partners: through our innovative Standard Classification of experience and competencies. This classification has been developed specifically taking into account the needs of EU-funded projects. Whether you are looking for an expert, a procurement opportunity, or a partner, ECN provides you with a powerful tool for finding cooperation opportunities.

Furthermore, you can link with your entire network of partners and consultants using our innovative social networking system. Modelled on LinkedIn or Facebook, this system provides you with a simple, easy-to-use platform for posting your CVs and diplomas, uploading brochures or articles, chatting with friends, or posting on their wall. All features have been customised for European cooperation.