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If you are an expert, you can develop your profile, availability and employment preferences and expectations, upload your CV in EuropeAid or Europass forms, as well as scans of your university diplomas. Everything is ready in one location: there is no need any more to send updated CVs, email diplomas, etc.


If you are an employer, looking for consultant sub-contractors, you can use ECN to search for thousands of individual consultants with a highly precise search algorithm, which enables you to see not only expert results, but also the years experience, geographic areas, sectoral specialisations and other vital information of each expert. In addition to online profiles and CVs, you can immediately download copies of diplomas and develop the team you need to staff your project.


Registration with ECN is free as an Associate Member. Registration as a Professional Member costs EUR 75 / year, and allows you access to detailed search information. Compare membership benefits.

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