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Learn it Easy Training


Learn it Easy provides training courses on applying for, managing and disseminating EU projects in education and training as well as other fields. The company offers virtual courses as well as face-to-face courses, as well as certified training courses.

Participants may also qualify for EU funding for In-Service training grants to their Lifelong Learning (LLP) National Agency and receive full funding for attending Learn it Easy courses. Some face-to-face training courses include: 


go e-Learning! Learn to easily develop and run e-Learning courses to reach wider audience!

Athens, Greece: 11-15 March 2013 and 3-7 June 2013   

Limassol, Cyprus: 22-26 April 2013 and 8-12 July 2013


Successful Project Planning and Management of European Educational Projects

Athens, Greece: 20-24 May 2013

Limassol, Cyprus: 15-19 April 2013 and 1-5 July 2013

Effective Dissemination (Promotion and Raising Awareness) and Exploitation of European Educational  (and not only) Projects

Athens, Greece: 6-10 May 2013

In addition to live training courses, Learning it Easy offers online training sessions.


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