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Privacy Policy


Welcome to the European Consulting Network!

European Consulting Network (ECN) is an online business intelligence and networking service provided by ECN Business Intelligence LLP of London, England.

Description of ECN Services

We provide consultants, consultancies, universities, research institutes and a wide variety of other partners a one-stop-shop for cooperation on EU-funded service contracts which emerge from the European Union’s central institutions, e.g. the European Commission, the Agencies and Delegations and related institutions.

On ECN, you can:

  • List your expert CV or corporate profile
  • Upload vital information, such as your CV, profile, project references, etc.
  • Post and search for procurement, sub-contracting and consortium offers, recruitment opportunities, news and events
  • View the profiles of experts and consulting organisations
  • Network with other members using our proprietary ECN Network

Your Membership Obligations

By agreeing to become a member of ECN, whether for free or for subscription, you agree to abide by the following rules and regulations of our website and our community.

Membership is open to all individuals and companies interested in cooperation on EU-funded service contracts and grants as well as general consultancy cooperation.  You must be a minimum of 18 years old to join.

You accept to join an open, public online community where members from different countries, cultures and professions interact for a professional purpose.

You agree that any information you post on the ECN Network is true and accurate, and fairly represents your competencies, experience and skills.

You agree that any information you post is public and available to other ECN members as well as to internet viewers outside the ECN Network. Because this is an open network, we strongly suggest that you post only that information which you are comfortable with sharing in public.

You agree to interact with other ECN members in an ethical, considerate and honest manner, avoiding racial, religious, sexist, or other remarks or conduct conducive of violent behaviour or which incites hatred. You will not harass or bully ECN members.

You will not post unauthorised information or spam on the ECN site. You will not harvest or data-mine information on the ECN site. You will not upload viruses or malicious code. You will not undertake any activities which prevent the correct technical function and operation of ECN.

You agree to respect intellectual property rights and copyright. Please post only your own materials, or those to which you have the received the right to promote. This includes logos, pictures, photos, reports, graphics, media files, etc. Do not post pirated or illegal materials, or those materials which do the legal and rightful author does not want disseminated or published in an open forum.

You agree not to promote or advertise any illegal and/or regulated activities, including advertising of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and weapons, and other controlled substances is specifically prohibited. You agree not to post or advertise online gambling, online lotteries, services of a sexual or adult nature, pornography, violence, and other products or services of a questionable moral nature.

If you are a corporate subscriber, you are provided with up to five user names and access memberships for employees of your company. You must not provide this access to individuals outside your company.

If you are an individual subscriber, then your user name and access codes are intended solely for your individual use. You will not transfer your access codes to any other individuals.


ECN refuses all liability for any professional or personal decisions you and/or your associates make as a result of your participation in this site.

ECN refuses to accept any liability for the accuracy or validity of procurement information provided by the European Commission and related European agencies and institutions.

ECN refuses to accept any liability for the accuracy of validity of sub-contracting, consortium or recruitment offers made by ECN Members.

ECN Members are invited to make appropriate inquiries and take normal precautions before responding to any information or offers posted on ECN, or entering into a binding relationship with any other ECN Member, individual or corporate. ECN shall not be liable to any person or company for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of his/her accepting or offering to accept a cooperation or advertising offer made on ECN.

Privacy Policy

ECN complies with all safeguards on personal information in line with the European Union’s Data Privacy Directive. We guarantee that ECN will never sell, trade or divulge use your personal data, whether this be your contact information or any information relating to your enterprise or your professional activity.

All information is stored on secure databases using SSL protection. While we make every effort to guarantee security and confidentiality in line with latest-standard SSL protocols and server encryption, we cannot guarantee 100% protection against hackers or online theft. For this reason, we make no guarantees and provide no warranties concerning data loss which may occur as a result of hacking, phishing or other illegal activities.

If you have any questions regarding ECN, our Membership Obligations, our Privacy Policy or any other aspect of our operations, please contact us.