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Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Reference Guide

Project Number: na
International Organisation: World Bank
Contracting Agency: World Bank
Programme: Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)
Operation Date: 01/03/2010 — 01/05/2011
Lead Contractor: Castalia Strategic Advisors
Additional Contractors:
Country: -- Asia, Latin American Region
Website: Visit Website

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Project Description

World Bank: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Reference Guide

A growing number of developing country governments are interested in using Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to provide public infrastructure assets and services. This Reference Guide exists to help them. Specifically, it aims to help government officials to answer three questions:

  • What are PPPs, and why would we want to use them?
  • What kind of policy, legal, and institutional framework do we need to put in place to ensure PPPs are done well?
  • What is the process for developing and implementing a PPP project?

A substantial body of knowledge on PPPs has been built up by practitioners in governments, the private sector, international institutions, academics and advisors. This PPP Reference Guide seeks to fill a current information gap, providing PPP practitioners with a truly global overview of the diversity of approaches and experiences we now see across the world in the implementation of PPPs.  It does not seek to provide definitive answers in many areas since arguably our present state of knowledge precludes this.  Nor does it seek to provide detailed country specific guidance – which would be impossible given the diversity of country situations.

The PPP Reference Guide seeks to provide advice on what PPP practitioners should know, rather than provide advice on what to do.  The Guide sets out the main topics, looks at the key issues that must be addressed, and provides what we consider the most important references that PPP practitioners can turn to for answers and to enhance their own knowledge and understanding.  It is structured into separate sections that focus on three main areas, firstly what are PPPs, when might they be used and the advantages and disadvantages relative to public provision; secondly the policy, legal and institutional frameworks that should be put into place to help improve their effectiveness; and finally the ways in which PPP projects can be developed and implemented. A diverse range of case studies and institutional solutions, from all parts of the world, are presented in the PPP Reference Guide.

This project was funded by a grant from the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), as part of a joint proposal with the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.  It was developed by a team from Castalia Strategic Advisors, who were  overseen by Rui Monteiro of the World Bank Institute.  A reference such as this will always be a  work in progress.

This 1.0 version is hosted on the Global PPP Network Site, www.pppnetwork.info, where you can add your own suggestions for useful references that can be added to future editions as well as comment on the organization of the Reference Guide or the sources that it contains.  These and other inputs will be used in the 2.0 version which will be launched as a web-based reference guide later this year.  The guide will also be available at www.ppiaf.org.

Specific Project Results or Intellectual Property Created

World Bank: Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Reference Guide

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